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Showcase: How to use the bow

A topic by Doborog Games created Oct 05, 2016 Views: 563 Replies: 14
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A piece of feedback I've been getting a lot is that the bow is underpowered.
Gaming Faster than Light! is here to show you what happens when you upgrade it! :)


  • Arrow Width drastically increases your chances of splitting things apart!
  • Aim for the head!
  • Line them up: Arrows can pass through multiple opponents. Kite them around a bit to kill many of them at once

Do you have additional thoughts or tips? Let your fellow humans know!


I always look pretty with a bow :)

People complain it's underpowered!? In my dozens of games since having bought it hours ago, I've overwhelmingly used the bow, and done just fine with it.


Usually said by people who miss a lot. :)

I think that once we get some more enemies that are capable of deflecting arrows, it may become less useful.

I've had the same experience as you when it comes to the bow - I decide to play without it because I find it a way too powerful.

If your doing story mode, that is only the last enemy. He is practically impossible to hit with a bow, unless you can get behind him to shoot

Yes, but I think most of us know that is necessary to edge players on to changing their strategy.

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I think that one of the purchasable perks for the bow should be changing the arrow direction, e.g from horizontal to vertical. (Yes, I am are that this is a current feature, but I do believe it is merely cosmetic.) Another perk in the shop could be changing the arrow direction - not much, but enough to dodge enemies blocking. Although controlling an arrow may seem way too good to be true, it leaves you very open to attacks, as you are focusing on the arrow, not on yourself. To be clear, you will still be controlling your robot whilst controlling the arrow, but unless you are a master at controlling multiple things at one time, then you won't be giving much attention to what is going on around you.

Also, quick tip. I've been stupid enough to try to kill an enemy in front of an archer about to shoot. The archer's arrow passes through the enemy, killing the enemy - but also destroying me in the process.

The bow's current alt-fire isn't cosmetic; it's actually really useful for dealing with the Spider-tron variants.

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It looked like it to me.

Every time I put it horizontal, it would snap to vertical when I shot it.

Just release it with the right mouse button for horizontal.

I do..

It would be cool is there was an upgrade that increased the speed of your arrow


I find leading them a successful technique. It takes a bit of guessing and a bit of luck at first, but eventually it becomes second nature.


Also featured in this gif: Death Cube 2.0! o_O