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the game is free online, but to download it, you need to pay to support the dev, if you want to play it free then you can just play it on kongregate

Time slow is a feature, tho only available with the bow, maybe if they could change it to being witha button toggle instead of just the bow, that would be great

Or it could be a follow up upgrade from that, your idea first, then my idea , because time stopping is a lot more powerful

How about a feature that allows you to spend all 4 energy bars to stop time for 5 seconds, enough time to escape an incoming hammer strike and do some damage. When you stop time, all enemies will stop and you will be able to move. 2 down sides include that all weapons will be active to the touch and it takes your full energy bar (doesnt regenerate while time is stopped)

Feels like my level, took me 2 days to complete (and another 2 to run thru to publish it), Here it is if you wanna try it Steam Workshop :: Hard Parkour obstacle course

an ability that allows you to take the form of a different robot, other robots will become attracted to your new body and you will gain control of the new body. With your new body, you can use all the features it has but cant upgrade it. You can only buy a clone, and any upgrades you buy will apply to regular bots. you can jump back to it later if you want or stay permanantly in your new body.

I was kinda thinking of super hot, leave any feedback below

no problems, glad i could help, also, pls add those stat boosts, i would love to have slightly faster movement speed to be able to outrun all bots or swing faster

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I was playing around with photo mode and i thought, "wouldnt it be nice to be able to go a frame forward to see one frame ahead?" So why not make that a new implement that goes frame by frame, so you can choose the best frame to take photos.

Furthermore, stat boosts are something that would be nice. Being able to trade in upgrade points for stat points. eg 1 upgrade point would be 10 stat points. then stats could be randomized to similate different humans, or make them all starting identical to give the idea that all robot bodies are the same. Stats could be things like swing speed or movement speed.

Edit: Turns out you can do the first part if you just left click while in photo mode. woulda been nice if this was included in the instructions

Just log on into twitch using the browser that opens up once you open the link in the email. in my case, since my email was in Chromium, i just logged into chromium into itch

Heh, it took a while to figure out the 404, glad i could get that figured out

True, but for this to work, it would effectivly need 3 things. 1) VR support ( or it could use an app to transmit PC to phone) 2) First person more (although this isnt fully necessary but it would look better) And 3) Controller support (again, not necessary, but better for comfort)

Ive been thinking of how i got this game. When i started out, i saw MattShea playing it and said to myself, "eh, this looks good". I spent an hour after that trying to find a version online i can test for free. Point being, Most people dont want to buy something that they havent tested mainly due to the fact that they dont know if they will like. For the demo version, we could either give an early build of the game, or the current build with some features removed, such as slow aim or the 2 upgrades of the Hammer. IDK how else it could be done, but you get the idea in general

No need to worry Bob, as far as their AI goes, they pack together and hit eachother often. Their hammer's are destructive and can hit any bot, so dont worry

if you can count this as interesting:

Well, it's way more complex than what i did, i just used cheat engine. i dont really understand how those JSON editors work

Why not allow us to download older versions of the game?

heh, ive been using this to test since about two updates ago. Life limits didnt stop me, i just froze them at zero. Kinda hard to do but great if you're lucky. Usually when im bored i give myself 50 points and freeze my lives, then i play until the points run out

Thank you for using my idea for an enemy that can only be spawned in streams

Is there any way to access debug mode to test features or is that disabled in the builds we recieve. It would help some of us test features and report back any bugs, or just have a little fun

Also, im gonna make it on my main google account, idk why i thought of it as a good idea to make a second google acc to post vids

yeah, im still new to all this, bear with it

Hey, i decided to make a youtube channel and made my first video on this. If you do watch, please leave some constructive feedback as i am looking to make future videos better.

Here are the videos, they are in two parts due to an accident:

the sword passing through the floor is the sword of the robot that killed me

So i was playing endless, on the map with the ramp and the tower in the middle, and a sword robot mark 2 went under the ramp, and killed me through it as i was above, reflecting arrows. Pictures here:

I have done it many times,im talking specifically about shooting them with arrows

If your doing story mode, that is only the last enemy. He is practically impossible to hit with a bow, unless you can get behind him to shoot

So, the game is awesome, but wouldnt the 3 main robots mentioned above react to someone shooting arrows at them. And not just regular arrows, but laser arrows that can kill them? just sayin...

Yeah, i guess kinda like the spidertron 5k's

I didnt have a program to do pixel measurments, so most of it is pure guesswork, would it be possible for you to formulate some blueprints exact pixel measurements of the main robot and the two comentator bots as i want to make a version of them

I built the main robot in Trove, if you play Trove, you can visit the world with /joinworld Crystal cave. Here are some pictures:

This is another build but this is too detailed to be in the game

thats a great idea, but there is one problem, how would one reach it without the bow? this will therefore force people to upgrade bow

Ultimately, believe what you want to believe, all im saying is, i got a lucky set up with the level system, as i got many easy levels in a row, and i just got finished off at 40, i spent 35+ with one leg, and 38+ on one life, 39 i barely finished, as i lost my arm so i couldnt use my bow. 40, the jet pack mark 2's finished me off in seconds

You can manipulate the save file? i havent even found the save file yet. i dont need to find it anyway

hey man, i was practicing for ages on story mode and died a lot on endless, i finally managed to get a lucky break with lots of easy levels at once

what do you mean "seems legit" it took a lot of time and effort to do

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Well, after much gaming, and plenty of time taken, i have reached this. Post pictures of your scores below if you want to compare

ohh, so you dont actually say them and instead the program itself reads it out, am i right?

when you are adding names, do you have to also add the voice file to say the name? must be hard for some names

Can you somehow send me an invite to join the discord? id really appreciate it

Ive also found that if i pause the game for a prolonged period of time, the dissapear, and i cannot complete the level. Also, that glitch you described sometimes happens when i slash sword robots, with absolutly nothing to support the upper torso, yet they still try to kill me