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Update 0.4.1 - Talk through your Jetpack Archer!

A topic by Doborog Games created Dec 22, 2016 Views: 2,135 Replies: 34
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It has been a fun few days full of twitch streaming.
This small update bring some further improvement to Twitch Mode!

Game Over Bets!

Will the streamer die in the Gold Tier? In Bronze??

Bet on the difficulty tier they'll die in, then try to kill them by spawning enemies or help them by giving them clones!


The value of your bets increase over time, making early bets carry great rewards if they come true!

Emojis on spawned enemies

Spawn an enemy, then type emoticons in the chat to have it shout at the player!


New Enemy: Jetpack Archer!

Introducing the first enemy exclusive to Twitch Mode: The Jetpack Archer.

This devious rascal can only be summoned by Twitch Chat.

The next time you have 800 Danger Coins, try this:

!spawn jetpackarcher



woo i was used as an example picture! Thanks erik :D


Thank you for using my idea for an enemy that can only be spawned in streams


next up allowing the streamers to customize the number of bots players can spawn per round

the number at the gameover bets go up per round

the prizes of the spawn bots

the rate the coins are given for staying

option to turn off a bot so it cant be used for spawning

all this per streamer to customize the play


Good suggestion! What would you change if you could customize it? Would love to hear someexamples. :)


how do I download the new update? pls tell


I made this for you:




thx so much


do you say that to everybody who asks how to update the game? xD


i really want to be able to change the rate players get coins for staying and how many bots they can spawn per round

like coin rate x2 or x3 what it is

bot count 3 per player
total bot count per round 20 or so
the gameover 15% to 20% 25% or so
the prize of the bots to something like spidertrons down in coins jetpack down and so on
tunr off like able to spawn jetpack1 spidertron5000 something like this


i been thinking of a way the command can look

spawning 1 i think u leave the number plank
!spawn sword1
!spawn sword1 1
will spawn 1 sword1 for 100 coins

!spawn sword1 2
will spawn 2 sword1 for 225 coins

!spawn sword1 3
will spawn 3 sword1 for 367 coins

!spawn sword1 4
will spawn 4 sword1 for 563 coins

!spawn sword1 5
will spawn 5 sword1 for 808 coins

so adding more will cost 25% more of the one befor it adding up but will same time spawn more then 1 in game

not sure if this will be good or not but i like it

also a limiter spawning bots has to wait 10 sec to spawn new one
thats why this spawn more at same time cost more will make sense


Interesting. I think I see what you're getting at.

Adding some settings for this stuff would be a good way to strike a balance between people who have few viewers, and lots of them. Can have some sensible defaults that work for both cases with the ability to tweak it in real time from the settings menu. Could also automate it based on the number of viewers, but not sure we understand the balance well enough to do that yet.

I've personally had the most fun watching when you have some amount of coins that you can use to bet and spawn things, but not an infinite amount. It's very easy to make it so you can change the coin generation rate if nothing else, so I'll probably look at that for the next update.

I agree that it might be a good idea to make the player able to turn off spawning certain enemy types, or limit the amount of spidertron 6000s you can spawn in a single round. It's fun the first time, but gets a little tedious. :)


a pack of 5 spidertron6000

is 8207 coins not the highest but then again streamer can change the prize for the bot that will change this number to

or maybe change the 25% to something ells in custom file aswell


How feasible would it be to have a separate console in which to spawn enemies (other than twitch chat). It is very hard to read what people are saying because the chat is mostly full of bets, spawns and balance checking.


thx so much


"Jetpack Archers"

Oh no

"Only in twitch streaming"

Oh thank god

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gold tier level 9 bridge level endless mode everything was dead and it would not let me go to the next level elevator pls fix


xin chào các bạn mình là huỳnh anh hào lớp 4/7 trường tiểu học hiệp phú hôm nay là chủ nhật mình sẽ chơi game clone drone in thẻ danger zane


minh can choi


There is a bug where you can kick a clone through the wall and then die and your clone is in the story mode ending area so i technically beat endless mode


SO when the game updates does it just download or do i have to go somewhere to get it? dumb-ish question and this may be the wrong forum, but idk lol.


when you go into the game it will have an update thing in bottom left corner click on it then it leads you to clone drone page at the top there will be a download thing click on it then click on the type of computer you have (Mac or Windows) then you download the newest version


tbh....I didn't realize itch had an app and I was just running the game out of the folder on my computer forever XD.....Well....I feel kinda dumb....Lol

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Dear doborog you aren't a dear you might be a robot dog or human but that is not the point . can you make an upgrade that makes swords longer .

Copyrighted idea do not steal unless you are doborog putting this in the game


this might work but only as a single upgrade for longer blade
wider wont really look good nor will it really help much

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I think maybe adding new weapons would be cool like axes or two sided axes lol. And maybe add more to the model like different armor types or shapes on the Human/Robot. Either way though the game is awesome. (And twitch mode is cruel no one ever believes in you XD)

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Doborog, remember my 2.1 comment on having classes? (here's the Link)

now is the best time to add something like that, cause you could add in robots with only some of the upgrades of these classes.

it would give the player some of that feeling of fighting something cool and unique.

there would be 2 levels of A.i. : normal and master. the master get all but the last of the 3 upgrades for the classes, forcing players to have to think about how they approach the situation and will help players develop varies advanced strategies for approaching enemies and levels(not TOO advanced, tho).

i also had another class idea: the berserker. this class wields an axe and is generally good at slaughtering hordes of enemies. his abilities are:

Smash: allows players to bring there axe down, temporarily stunning them for 4 seconds in a very short range. takes 2 energy to use.

Throw: grants the player access to laser throwing axes. these axes are only half the size of your normal axe, but cant be block by swords. takes 1.5 energy to use.

Execution: enemies that are stunned, on the ground, or have one leg, an animation where you either (its random), chop there metal head off, or chop there body in half going vertically. takes 2 energy per use.

anyone with a shield can block his normal axe and throwing axes. he can kill ninjas as long as he has Smash or throwing axes.

i really do hope you seriously consider these and some of the other ideas i other suggest.

Edit: the berserkers passive is that he recovers 10% faster from being unbalance and his axe swings 10% faster. he cant reflect projectiles, tho.



this... this is a pretty major suggestion... no comment


and I've noticed this theme... a lot of suggestions have been reliant on energy, so it might become unbalanced... huh. I'll leave it to Doborog to come up with a solution :3

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the thing is, these abilities are probably op with using just 1 energy. so the energy usage for abilities from the total 3 classes i have mention needs to be well thought out.


have you seen the hammer teaser?!?!?!


bottom of the page almost https://itch.io/t/45128/humorousinteresting-screenshots-anyone


To be Totally honest I'm not a fan of the concept of a stream only enemy. That seems like not the best precedent to set and very feasibly may result in players who don't happen to have a large twitch following never seeing what otherwise could be a fun and challenging feature players could enjoy/die to. Especially as it relies on an externally run service (IE Twitch) that may not actually have the same lifetime as the game.


don't worry. the jetpack archer is a joke :)


hey i need help i bought this game without a account and cant download the new update pls help me :(


Check this out: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought


I did what you siad and it didnt work


Feel free to send and email to support@doborog.com, describing the issue, and we'll help you hunt down whatever is not working.