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A topic by BoasZeMan created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 155 Replies: 6
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VR support would be awesome. Imagine fighting waves upon waves of robots in VR.

True, but for this to work, it would effectivly need 3 things. 1) VR support ( or it could use an app to transmit PC to phone) 2) First person more (although this isnt fully necessary but it would look better) And 3) Controller support (again, not necessary, but better for comfort)

the one thing about 1st person would be the sword. in 3rd person, the sword is held directly in front of the face of the robot, so it would be cumbersome in 1st person, that's all :P

that's why you put it on the vive, moving the swords resting place

yeah, I guess you could have it on the left side of your view. idk

So if the game was in VR wouldn't you want to actually change the controls so you swing the sword manually with your motion sensor controllers? :)

I think some sort of Clone Drone branded experience could work in VR, but there would be a large amount of exploratory design work to make it fit that format well.

Do you have any examples of cool sword fighting games in VR?

(me from the future) clone drone in the danger zone :D