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A topic by Teodorp99 created May 05, 2017 Views: 167 Replies: 3
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an ability that allows you to take the form of a different robot, other robots will become attracted to your new body and you will gain control of the new body. With your new body, you can use all the features it has but cant upgrade it. You can only buy a clone, and any upgrades you buy will apply to regular bots. you can jump back to it later if you want or stay permanantly in your new body.

I was kinda thinking of super hot, leave any feedback below

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This is probably super overpowered, and that may be fixed with some other stuff.

1. Imagine like a billion Mark 4 Sword bots charging you. Suddenly, you switch to an archer on the other side of the arena. You literally just avoided death.

1. Fix - What if it takes like five seconds to posses a robot? This would make it so you can't just teleport away from danger. You also cannot move while these five seconds count down, so you have to be in a safe area to do this.

2. Alright, I'm on round 173 and I'm going to use the same tactic, again. Here we go. 3-2-1-GO! *Switches with archer* Sniped! *Switches with Hammer Bot* Crushed! *Switches with swordsman* Sliced!

2. Fix - It would be so overpowered to just be able to quickly transport between enemies and destroy them, before they even realize it. I think this could be fixed in two ways:

a) Cooldown

b) 4 bars of energy

c) Both a) and b) (Probably would work the best)

But then it would be CDITDZ: Superhot Edition. Everyone wants that.