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This is probably super overpowered, and that may be fixed with some other stuff.

1. Imagine like a billion Mark 4 Sword bots charging you. Suddenly, you switch to an archer on the other side of the arena. You literally just avoided death.

1. Fix - What if it takes like five seconds to posses a robot? This would make it so you can't just teleport away from danger. You also cannot move while these five seconds count down, so you have to be in a safe area to do this.

2. Alright, I'm on round 173 and I'm going to use the same tactic, again. Here we go. 3-2-1-GO! *Switches with archer* Sniped! *Switches with Hammer Bot* Crushed! *Switches with swordsman* Sliced!

2. Fix - It would be so overpowered to just be able to quickly transport between enemies and destroy them, before they even realize it. I think this could be fixed in two ways:

a) Cooldown

b) 4 bars of energy

c) Both a) and b) (Probably would work the best)

But then it would be CDITDZ: Superhot Edition. Everyone wants that.