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Robot Names

A topic by SharpKix created Oct 22, 2016 Views: 11,839 Replies: 93
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I like the system of having randomized names, but you should make it so most names are plays on words or there is a customization tab. If neither of these appeal to you, or you just want more ideas, ;) Then try adding a tab where you can have other players from around the world make customized names for other people. Then, you can have names from other people around the world. The only problem I see is someone making bad names. But either way, i think this would be a perfect change.

Crap wrong topic area xD

gg like the idea

It's an interesting idea. For now, let me know in this thread if there's a first or last name you'd like to see in the game, and I'll add it if it's not too silly or offensive.

add this to :)


mom's spaghetti


Those are too silly. Not going to add. :)

lol i tried btw u got the discord thing working im waiting to add u to the channel of ur game

we made for u


Katnis everdeen


fatnis everdeen

Deleted 6 years ago
Deleted 6 years ago

Obiwan kenobi


Well some plays on words are Ella Fino (if you say it fast its hell-if-i-know, but im not sure you'd like that.) There is also Anita Bath. Some names I would like (as they are relatives and such) are Brandon Merrick, Brayden Miller, Andrew Morris, and Jamie Stewart. If you would like me to give them personalities, i would be happy to because they are all my best friends (Or my sister :) )


Had all those names except for Brayden and Merrick. :)

Added them to the spreadsheet, so now there's an extremely small chance that they will appear in the game!
The way it works is it picks a random first name and random last name and puts them together.

Can you add me? my Name is Teodor, also my cousin, Todor

I already had Teodora for women, but added these 2 as well. Todor is a guy name right? :)

yeah, both are guys names


Jordan would be a fun name


That is definitely already in there. :)


How about "Hrothgar"?


when you are adding names, do you have to also add the voice file to say the name? must be hard for some names

Robots have no problem saying any names. They might not pronounce it the way you'd expect though. :)

ohh, so you dont actually say them and instead the program itself reads it out, am i right?

Yes, it's using a speech synthesis. :)

I have a spreadsheet that looks like this:

and some code to make sound files for all of those (except occupation for now).


i got a blcksmith with the colour black :D

Last name "FOSTER" as it is mine own last name n_n


Congratulations! Foster is already in the game. You have a 1/1000 chance of seeing it come up as a last name. ;)

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It'll be sooo cool to have this in the game...since I <3 jacksepticeye.

Wait! I got another one

Firstname:Sean or Jack

They were all already in there. :)

Please put in Richard as a first name and First as a Last name

(Don't ask why)

First is now a last name. :)

Yay :3


Hypercore or Ripper please ;D


It's be so cool if you ad my name Xekail or Xeka ShelllSky

Added Xekail as a male first name. Is that right? :) It's an unusual name!

Thanks, all right :)

id love to have my name in the game, its Plamen Panteleev

thanks in advance

You should totally add Edan as a name

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How about "Alduin" or "Bogdan"?

Do you have a Peyton Or a Walker? in the names list I mean.

(Peyton Being my name)

Wexler as a last name

Don't ask why, because I don't know.

Bill Cosby.


Why not South American names?
Eduardo, is a nice one! :P
You could add Lawyer as a profession too! :)

Kai (first name)

May i still have a name put in? I would like Drake McCarter... if you could...


Hello Doborog games. I have sent three feedback reviews and I hope all three of them got to you :) if my name isn't silly enough, O would like if you could add it to the human's names. My name is Russell Ramos.

Hey! I am King Zaerdric and this game did very well on my channel new gaming, I love it and I'm clearly not the only one! I would absolutely love if my name was in this. It can be my YouTube name or my real one, which is Zach Dilbert. Continue with the good work on the game! I'm eager to play it more and keep getting better and better at it!

Do Paul Claughton

Paul (first)

Claughton (last)

Caio as a first name (pronounced Kay-o)

haha K.O.

andrew rasskazov ocupation: r34 nerd

Aidan Albelli

occupation: hobo

That's kinda offensive..

sorry didnt mean to be offensive how about, lawyer. Anyway Aidan Albelli is my own name so occupation being Hobo was a joke because I was trying to like self burn myself, but whatever. Sorry for offending you.

You didn't offend me, I'm just worried that if it IS accepted, the creators will get a big scolding from all the people who do take offense.

Last names: Chips, Chops, Steak, Doritos, Hamon or Salmon.



So many names! I'm going to go through this post and add all of them in bulk closer to the launch of the next update!

Create a 'name' page in-game and let everyone add their own(real) names, then get the game to upload them to a database and check for profanity etc? Get the people to do the work for you! aha

Sounds good to Me!

I might make a google form at some point. That way I could just copy the names over in the same format.

how about a little easter egg that only appears after finishing story mode when its done?

Name - Occupation - Fav Color - Age

Erik Rydeman - Programmer - (only you know) - (only you know)

Arthur Dent

Tricia Mcmillan

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Names added for Dec 2 build!

Please reply below this post if you want your name included in future versions.

Filled it up with some more random first names to keep the spreadsheet balanced. :)

Arthur Dent

Tricia Mcmillian

Arthur and Tricia were already in there. :)

Added Dent and Mcmillian though!

yay "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" :)

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add the name xXx_1337mlgpro420swag_xXx Illuminati 360 no-scoper

That sounds more like a multiplayer name. :P

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this isn't a name, but is something along the lines of robot engineer as a profession in the game yet? if not, I think it would make cool easter egg eventually, something like an exclusive line or two, or maybe a special color, nothing major :)

yeh dats a gud idea

yeah, that could be fun.

Eduardo Passos (bazilian name) plssss!

Lawyer! :P

Deleted 6 years ago

Add "Albert Lai" Occupation: Voice actor


And add "Gabe Newell" Occupation: Company director

just me gabe newell


Add "Hugh Mungus" Occupation: What?



Just got the game 2 days ago! Holy Damn playing it nonstop. O.O Anywho. Beaten Story Mode a couple of times and have reached level 16 of Endless Mode. Can't believe I actually beat a Titanium level. Mind if I request my Name? It's Tyler Toner.

Just reached Level 17 of Titanium today.... As an update. XD

controlling a human, I reached level 21

My lord this was so long ago. My new score is 110.

Robert Maura

Hey I'd love to get my name in even though it's Polish: Przemyslaw. If that's not English enough then my middle name is Anton but I'm guessing it's already in there.

Could you add Mike as a first name unless its already in, and could you add McCormick as a last name? P.S you should add Doborog as sorta like a secret, idk maybe it would be a good easteregg, also do the names get put into the game during a new update or does it happen instantly when you put the names in?

Em... I was never seen robot named Mark. It's normal? Or it's very rare name?

there are a lot of names in the game, so each one is rare to get


no, seriously.


no, seriously.

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Could you add Nunivyer Business? Or Lady Affable.

Come to think of it, any titles would be cool....

Could I politely request you add the name Blitz (and make the colour Pink) age about 30 and job "Engineer"? Also may I politely ask if you could add Twitch (my nickname back when I attended school) and make the colour purple?

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you very very much for the amazing game! (I have 300 hours clocked in on it)

Last name: T

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poned mi nombre xD

Before next update I'll go through this thread and add all the names since the last time I said I would!

Ran out of time for the last update but will get on it for the Steam launch. :)

First name: That Last name: Human

First Name:Lucien,Chad,Jason,Bulela,Jesse.

Last Name:De jager,Bruce,Schwartz,Cawe,Cuinn.

Thats all