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Well some plays on words are Ella Fino (if you say it fast its hell-if-i-know, but im not sure you'd like that.) There is also Anita Bath. Some names I would like (as they are relatives and such) are Brandon Merrick, Brayden Miller, Andrew Morris, and Jamie Stewart. If you would like me to give them personalities, i would be happy to because they are all my best friends (Or my sister :) )

Crap wrong topic area xD

I like the system of having randomized names, but you should make it so most names are plays on words or there is a customization tab. If neither of these appeal to you, or you just want more ideas, ;) Then try adding a tab where you can have other players from around the world make customized names for other people. Then, you can have names from other people around the world. The only problem I see is someone making bad names. But either way, i think this would be a perfect change.

I havent yet bought Clone Drone, but I am thinking about it. It would be much better though with different builds showing different robots and multiplayer battles and such. I also think upgrades should be random. You get one every round, but it should be one every 1-3 rounds so it is a tiny bit harder. I love this game in every way, it just needs a small change.