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Well some plays on words are Ella Fino (if you say it fast its hell-if-i-know, but im not sure you'd like that.) There is also Anita Bath. Some names I would like (as they are relatives and such) are Brandon Merrick, Brayden Miller, Andrew Morris, and Jamie Stewart. If you would like me to give them personalities, i would be happy to because they are all my best friends (Or my sister :) )


Had all those names except for Brayden and Merrick. :)

Added them to the spreadsheet, so now there's an extremely small chance that they will appear in the game!
The way it works is it picks a random first name and random last name and puts them together.

Can you add me? my Name is Teodor, also my cousin, Todor

I already had Teodora for women, but added these 2 as well. Todor is a guy name right? :)

yeah, both are guys names