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King Zaerdric

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GUESS WHOSE BACK! I decided to come back after so long to try and play again. And I actually  managed to progress! I can finally truly say that this game is a delight to play! The humor especially is great! Alongside all the mouth watering food descriptions!

Greetings! My name is King Zaerdric and I played your game! And I gotta say, I loved the hell out of it! There were several comical encounters and unique sprites. It was a lot of fun, although it was not exactly perfect, I really enjoyed myself through many aspects of this game. 

Hello! My name is King Zaerdric! and I played your game over on my YouTube channel, and I gotta say that I loved it! there was  a lot of good comedy, and several serious moments, for such a short experience, it was pretty memorable. 

Hey there! My name is King Zaerdric! And I absolutely love this game. I can't say i followed too too well what was going on, and i was alittle skeptical at first. But! After playing the full demo, I am hooked and in love with this game, the leveling systems, the level design, the colors are damn beautiful and the playing is super fluid. What I am trying to say is I can not wait for this games full release. But, anyway, here are all the videos I put up of lucah over on my channel. Thank you!

Hey there! I played this game over on my youtube channel! I honestly loved the visuals, the physics with the arms ad all, it was fun to play! only thing i found difficult was the controls. despite fighting with which direction to go in, I did have a fun time!

If only i knew how close i was!! I am no king! I'm a fool . A FOOOL!!! HAHA, well, king fool makes more sense. Anyway, keep up the good work! 

Who knows! MAYBE I WILL!!

Hey there! My name is King Zaerdric! and I played this game alittle bit over on my youtube channel of the same name. And I gotta say, I loved this, I love games like this especially, everything felt super fluid and entertaining. It just feels good to play. And i noticed so little time was put into it. Great game!

Hey!  My name is King  Zaerdric! I played this game over on my channel of the same name. And I have to say, I freaking loved this game, it plays well, it looks  really appealing, the enemies, all of it, I loved this! That said, I only got to the third screen... ANYWAY Enjoy! 

Hey! My name is King Zaerdric! I played your game over on my channel, i really enjoyed it! i didnt manage to make it so far but I enjoyed myself for sure!

Greetings! My name is King Zaerdric and I played this game a bit on my channel, I found it to be super fun and a happy game to play. Here is the video I made playing it, Loved it to death!!

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Hello there! I played this game for a bit on my Youtube channel! I didn't get super far or anything, But I did enjoy myself, also the scenery was really beautiful!!

Hey there! I briefly played your game on my channel, its actually loads and loads of fun to play! a good dungeon crawling experience for anybody! 

heck! I'd love to see an ending to the game! I'll definitely play that! Thanks for making a nice game to fly around in!

Hey there! this game was super cool! I cant say I knew too well what was going on, and my face decides to hate me during the video I linked here, BUT I STILL ENJOYED THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!!

Whoa!! I played this game and I gotta say, ITS FREAKING PHENOMENAL! The sounds, the controls, the colors, i loved a lot about this!

Hey there! I played this on my channel, it was a pretty fun little game, very random!

Glad I could bring them to your attention!

Hey! I really enjoyed this game! It plays pretty well! If you're feeling up to it, here is a video of me playing it!

Hey thanks! I really appreciate the love!

Hey, This game is super chill and i really enjoyed it!

Your welcome! It was a good game to play!

Your welcome! Good Job on this! Its pleasant! :D

Hey!! I played this game pretty briefly and enjoyed it! it was a nice simple experience that I liked!

Hey! No Problem!! It was a good time!

Hey! I played this game and loved the little tid bit that I played. Definitely worth the download and all!!

Hey! This game is really cool! It has a nice feel to it! the controls are alittle difficult, but its definitely a unique fun little game I enjoyed!

Y'know, I'll definitely consider it! I need game ideas so I'll give it a try

I suppose I don't know at all how to play lol. And yes, I had a crappy microphone but recently I got a new one (check out newer videos of mine ;) ), so far I've been told it makes things louder and clearer, although I'm still learning how it works! Ive heard about Garry's mods but have never played it.

of course! Keep up the good work! :

I played alittle bit of the demo, Loads of fun!

Doesn't change the fact that it was fun! Thanks for makin it

Getting through levels just like a sloth would. Expect more videos!

definitely was funny though haha

I played this game a little bit for my channel, Its a very nice and short play, also, I played it prior to your update. None the less, Really enjoyable!

Such a fun little game! Can't wait to play some more!