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King Zaerdric

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Created a new topic King Zaerdric Plays!

Greetings! My name is King Zaerdric and I played this game a bit on my channel, I found it to be super fun and a happy game to play. Here is the video I made playing it, Loved it to death!!

Created a new topic King Zaerdric Plays!

Hello there! I played this game for a bit on my Youtube channel! I didn't get super far or anything, But I did enjoy myself, also the scenery was really beautiful!!

Created a new topic King Zaerdric Plays!

Hey there! I briefly played your game on my channel, its actually loads and loads of fun to play! a good dungeon crawling experience for anybody! 

Created a new topic King Zaerdric Plays!

Hey! I know this game isn't really completed currently. All you can really do is run from one side to the next. But visually is beautiful scenery, and the run animations themselves aren't so bad either! I am excited for the full game to happen one day! I played a video of it on my channel. I really just used it as a nice scenery piece while I talk about what Im doing with my channel. But one day I hope to return when its a full game, I missed out on donating to the kickstarter, but if it ever comes back around, Ill definitely participate! P.S. Maybe make the world loop indefinitely, maybe add in a little jump, Just a simple suggestion from a fan! :)

heck! I'd love to see an ending to the game! I'll definitely play that! Thanks for making a nice game to fly around in!

Hey there! this game was super cool! I cant say I knew too well what was going on, and my face decides to hate me during the video I linked here, BUT I STILL ENJOYED THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!!

Created a new topic King Zaerdric Plays!

Whoa!! I played this game and I gotta say, ITS FREAKING PHENOMENAL! The sounds, the controls, the colors, i loved a lot about this!

Hey there! I played this on my channel, it was a pretty fun little game, very random!

Created a new topic I Played This!

Hey there Random Post looker, My name is King Zaerdric and I played Kynseed for a video on my Youtube Channel, Its a good game I recommend you download yourself! Checkout what all I did in it!

Glad I could bring them to your attention!

Created a new topic It was a Good experience!

Hey! I really enjoyed this game! It plays pretty well! If you're feeling up to it, here is a video of me playing it!

Hey thanks! I really appreciate the love!

Hey, This game is super chill and i really enjoyed it!

Your welcome! It was a good game to play!

Your welcome! Good Job on this! Its pleasant! :D

Hey!! I played this game pretty briefly and enjoyed it! it was a nice simple experience that I liked!

Hey! No Problem!! It was a good time!

Hey! I played this game and loved the little tid bit that I played. Definitely worth the download and all!!

Hey! This game is really cool! It has a nice feel to it! the controls are alittle difficult, but its definitely a unique fun little game I enjoyed!

Y'know, I'll definitely consider it! I need game ideas so I'll give it a try

I suppose I don't know at all how to play lol. And yes, I had a crappy microphone but recently I got a new one (check out newer videos of mine ;) ), so far I've been told it makes things louder and clearer, although I'm still learning how it works! Ive heard about Garry's mods but have never played it.

of course! Keep up the good work! :

I played alittle bit of the demo, Loads of fun!

Doesn't change the fact that it was fun! Thanks for makin it

Hey! I played this game and really enjoyed it, it has a lot of charm to it! Cant wait to see where it goes from here!

Getting through levels just like a sloth would. Expect more videos!

Replied to Sean in holt comments

definitely was funny though haha

Posted in holt comments

I played this game a little bit for my channel, Its a very nice and short play, also, I played it prior to your update. None the less, Really enjoyable!

Such a fun little game! Can't wait to play some more!

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yes I do as a matter of fact! Sorry for the delay!.. My twitter is at https://twitter.com/thekingofz?lang=en

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Hey! I played this game a wile back in a video with another game, it was very short but this game was loads of fun the difficulty and simplicity made for a fun time! and brutal at the same time...

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I really loved this game when I played it a while ago. Really good!

I really enjoyed this game when I played it a while back, definitely makes you think alittle bit!

Hey! I played this a while ago! I dont think I could have beaten it without the life cheat, but ti was really loads of fun!

Hey! I played this game all the way through a while back and adored it! It was hard but really enjoyable, great visuals and everything!

I played this game a while back on halloween. I didnt know i could embed it here as well, it was a good time!

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I played this game a while back! Loved being the FOREST GOD! got lost, but still lots of fun!

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I played this a while back, it was a decent little game!

I played this a while ago, but it was loads and loads of fun, I need to play it again actually!

Hey! I played this demo a while back, I loved it a lot! check out the video!