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KingZaerdric Plays

A topic by King Zaerdric created Feb 24, 2017 Views: 170 Replies: 4
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This game is straight up broken, its in early access and all so Im not giving it shit I swear! I loved the ridiculousness of it!

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itz not broken, itz jus cool in the way that u have no idea abuot

im not trying to be mean, but your video is also very quiet

oh and, have u evr plaed garrys mod? itz soooo dope man

EDIT:no i do not speak like dat

I suppose I don't know at all how to play lol. And yes, I had a crappy microphone but recently I got a new one (check out newer videos of mine ;) ), so far I've been told it makes things louder and clearer, although I'm still learning how it works! Ive heard about Garry's mods but have never played it.

oh nice i did look at one of your newer videos and it did help a lot! and you should play garry's mod it is a lot better than this game (im not trying to be mean devs/dev).

Y'know, I'll definitely consider it! I need game ideas so I'll give it a try