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Part 4= Part 4 of Clone Drone

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Part 5= Part 5 of Clone Drone Story

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I lost all control...here I was in a room...staring at the devastation my revenge was causing...."Urgh...I will kill them all"

5 minutes earlier, my eyes were filled with anger, a devouring rage consumed me...I was lost in my power...I grabbed my sword
and begun slicing at the Emperor,"Foolish mortal, you challenge me?"The Emperor summoned a long sword and held me off...
I stood no chance...then...I restraint...Was this the end?

I saw through my eyes, I felt pain...but I couldn't move, who was I anymore...I, or my body was so strong...I, it dodged
every swipe, then with one direct hit, I sliced the robots hand off,"ENOUGH!"The screeching sound emerged, my body
froze,"you would make a perfect warrior, transform this mortal creature"
Suddenly, I was pulled out of my body, where was I?In a room...nothing else...just black...where should I go? "Can anyone
hear me?!Hello?" Then, "Transformation successfully completed" emerged as I was thrown into hell, I was trapped within
a robotic beast...

I was made above a conveyor belt,then...a sword was dropped from the sky, nearly slicing my head off...They made a mistake
...They just ended their species...

I dropped onto the belt and moved forward, then, I was dragged into a fighting hell...not long after, I became a robot slaying monster...
The first robot darted forward, with lightning speed, I dodged past every move and stuck my sword though it's head...
Is this the arena I would die in, no, I will free the earth from its horror...this nightmare will become a dream...

 But...where next?

this?:  https://itch.io/t/66225/classe...

I in troubleeee...working on part 5 atm...no excuses....my fault for making it late,my bad

Part 3= Part 3 of Clone Drone Story

Part 4 =Part 4 of Clone Drone Story

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The blood of the innocent was spilt by these beasts, how could I die this way,my hatred took control of me, with the rage
of a lion I elbowed the robot in the face,I slipped out of its hands and turned the monster's head around,  with the speed of a sabertooth tiger I darted in the opposite way, then...I saw the prehistoric beast, the
raptor robot stood face to face with me...I Slid under it and grabbed my sword...then the epic battle emerged...

It leaped at me with the strength of a tyrant leopard and stomped on me, it felt like all my bones were misplaced, then, another robot jumped from it's back, I couldn't
believe it, a Hammer bot mark 3 on another robot?...It charged at me but then, with the little power within me, I sliced the eyes of the Raptor bot just as 
I saw a flaming burst form from inside of its mouth,
the first explosion I had ever seen happened right above me, yet, I was undamaged, I threw the Raptor off of me and saw the Hammer bot completely destroyed...
The explosion killed a Hammer bot...how am I still alive...it's...that's impossible...
then I realised...this all started because I wanted chicken, how could the world be so cruel...

"Mom, Dad?Where are y-" suddenly...a cold chill ran through my spine, I was frozen still...then the Emperor came through the door,"how surprising...an univited guest...
I'll welcome you to the gladiator fight, step this wa-"

"You bi-" My voice completely changed, my hands changed...I had wings...my hands were darkened purple...I wanted to kill
everyone who betrayed me...my mission was different...my life was different...no one would survive...what happened to me...

Part 5 tomorrow. edit: Tomorrow I'm going to a party...sorry...I forgot...

I hope you enjoy the story 

ᴰᡒⁿ'α΅— Κ³α΅‰α΅ƒα΅ˆ α΅—Κ°αΆ¦Λ’ 

ᡗʰᡃⁿᡏ ΚΈα΅’α΅˜

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good point, (I kinda...forgot that part and had to redo half of part 4...my bad xD...)

edit:obviously the chickens :o

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Part 4 Completed

Hint:The robot uses fire and starts with R (and no...the r does not stand for robot)

*cough* unreleased robot *cough*

thanks btw...I only decided to make it after I saw you're story,you're soooooooooo good

Part 2 = Part 2 of Clone Drone Story

Part 3 = Part 3 of Clone Drone Story

(Edited 2 times)

Scratches were on every section of my body, sorrow was in the air, but, that didn't stop me, Drako and I  had
lives' ahead of us and that's all that mattered, I dragged through the bushes and trees in search of 
food, slaying every leaf in my way with the scorched blade in my hand.I couldn't let Drako down...

Then, I saw it, a whole field of chickens...my eyes glimmered in happiness, finally, a little mercy was given, we had
a shimmer of hope...I took a great leap and darted forward...I made a grave mistake...how could I let my guard
down this much...

*ssshhhh* I looked up in horror..." is that what I think it is?...no...it couldn't be...I...They're...they found me..
The thrusters of the giant spaceship lowered...then, 5 robots with jetpacks and hammers jumped down...there was no escape"Rooooaaaarrr!!" Drako and the other dragon came bolting forward, Drako held me in his jaws and protected me, in the grasp
of death, he still protects me...the other dragon, as fast as lightning slaughtered every robot in our way.

Drako threw me onto his back, I held the sword firmly and stood on Drako's back with a grip of a monkey,in an instant, he flew to the top of the flying object
and dropped me...the tables were turned...we weren't the ones getting surprised...

I melted a circle on top of the device and hopped in,10 security bots rushed in, 2 with special lazer guns and the rest with tasers and lazer swords...
I clinched my fist and cut the robots in half with one strike, then...I felt the pain of melting skin on my arm, a robot with a lazer sword jumped and slashed against
me...pain overcame me...My eyes turned green, veins appeared....I struck the monster 9 times in the chest within a second, I threw the sword and decapitate the beast...

Suddenly a large pain was thrown against my back, an unarmed jetpack bot flew towards me and trapped my hands...was this the end?
How would I possibly escape...I was going to die...What would happen to Drako and the other dragon...I couldn't believe my life would end this way

Part 4 tomorrow :D

thank you :D

Part 2= Part 2 Clone Drone Story

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Part 1 = part 1 of Clone Drone Story

(Edited 7 times)
I leaped onto Drako's back as he bent his head down and raised  his back like a pouncing cat, then he darted forward and took
flight, my heart raced, the wind felt like a thousand arrows dashing through the sky.Deep inside, the sorrows grew darker
and darker, my mind wouldn't stop thinking of them...


"Drako, we're running low on food, we could look for some since we're already in the sky, also, I guess you encountered them already?" trying to get the words out my mouth 
I shouted as the strong wind flew past me...
suddenly, the wind grew weaker, I looked down only to discover the worst-

"Drako, wake up, are you okay!?"I screamed as he began to tilt forward....the wind must've hit him hard on the head, he's
probably to young to fly....no matter he was so friendly,"Drako, we're gonna land in the water, wake up, buddy!"
I closed my eyes and held my breath-
Then, I felt a strong pain on my back, I opened my eyes saw something dart above us...it was a dragon 2 times Drako, at least
3 times Drako's size....It was black in color, 6 horns on its head, it had 2 legs and it's arms were 
attached to it's wings...it was scaly and wore a set of spikes on it's back...why was it here?...
It flew under Drako and grabbed his front legs with the terrifying claws on it's feet, then when we arrived to land it threw
us off and disappeared into the clouds....why did it help us...how are they so much dragons....what happened to the world I knew....
After I recovered a little I decided to look for food for Drako and me...however food wasn't all I encountered

Part 2 of the Clone Drone Story

sorry if this one is a little boring...little hint=[Clones=3] 

amazing...you're really good

(Edited 1 time)

don't you think people could just delete the files with the anti-cheat....

edit:love the idea

thank you :)

(Edited 6 times)

For 10 years now, warriors were murdered as the beasts of the universe sent wrath upon earth, everything became absolute

It was time to end the war...they watched as people perished before their metallic feet...

Here I was laying on the ground with a sword to my neck...it's the end----
I remember when I was an innocent kid, knew nothing, just there, had no idea how cruel life was...

"woooow a space ship, isn't that cool da-" the golden laser preyed upon us, grabbing us one by one,smoke shot up,"DAD,MOM?"I shouted,but
it was too late,I turned around,my parents soulless...they're bodies laying there,no heartbeat,nothing.I sworn to get revenge...
I searched for a whole year for a place to train,from the oceans to caves,even volcanoes,then I saw it.
Located on an island lost in sea,with the tallest mountain I had even seen...what laid on top was unbelievable
A fierce dragon,scales covering it's body,a tail with a small wing at the end,it had 2 horns on it's head,teeth as sharp as knifes,
claws like razor blades,it was red in color....how could it exist?Where was it hiding...
The creature looked fierce but didn't attack,then,it gave off a raging roar,it had a flaming sword stuck in...who did it?
After helping him, we became best friends though the following years, I gave him the name "Drako"
Where, next, Drako helped me perfect my fighting skills, how many more humans were alive?
Then the same scene replayed in my mind, my parents, how could I be so helpless...my soul was broken, hatred grew inside of me
I'll never let them survive, those robots shall pay...but...I still don't know why they kidnappe-no, if I start to think of that-
..."Drako, let's practice flying"
With the flaming sword in my hand, hatred within me, Drako by myside, I knew I was ready to face the killers of my family, ectI'll make
them regret everything

Please tell me if you want Part 2 or Part etc. ...I enjoy making stories but I still need a lot of practice...my stories aren't good yet....but if you enjoy it...part 2 soon? (EDIT:I love dragons...sorry...xD)

(Edited 1 time)

i meant like armor/lights

something to make it look different to other people if they decided to add multiplayer

edit:edited it so it isn't complicated

1 word = 


Claps that was AWESOME :D

so,what does everyone think?

(Edited 2 times)

Hi,I love your game,here are some suggestions that I had while player:

  • TagTeam-Being able to have a friend/random player/A.I take on other robots with you,
  • Chatbox-if you add a multiplayer or tagteam,a chatbox would be awesome.
  • RobotAnimals-Similar to tagteam,a robot pet such as a dog,monkey,cat,elephant,ect. would be able to help you fight.
  • Money-Skillpoints,which is already in the game can be used as money,obtained by completing challenges or saving it up during fights
  • Store-Where you can buy robot animals and other things,accessed in the main screen
  • Duels-A place where players fight,accessed in the main screen
  • Changing how you look-well,the name says it,imaging putting flames on your shoulders,a customized look,that no one else has
  • Customing Clothing(Armor)-If the one above me happens,you can change the design or even make your own. 
  • Changing Color/Name-You'll be able to change your color and name

This is all I have for now :D If I have more ideas I'll write it in 

You made a really fun game :)

(Edited 1 time)

First person death = 

He said when it get's bigger he might add multiplayer.But I agree I really how we get multiplayer

(Edited 1 time)


It'll be sooo cool to have this in the game...since I <3 jacksepticeye.

Wait! I got another one

Firstname:Sean or Jack