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A member registered Oct 29, 2016

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could u add an incinirator or so

what do u use dung for

i dont use mac so i dont know also (mac kinda sucks PCMASTERRACEFTW)


pls no lol i love it like this xD


i did not open it if u pres S when your game is starting up it tells u the location of the save file therefore i just went into the file of

"endlesmode" and i gave my self 180 clones then restart game boom 180 clones (yes u can also give urself upgrade points)

u wanne know how i found my save folder?


also doborog u did an very good job at making your game very stable gg

if u would acualy swing with your mouse(mouse also controls camera) 90% of the time u would just dont know where u are swinging its an very BAD feedback sorry the attack is one of the best things there is dont break it down



i hate the yellow jetpacks they are so hard

he already sayd he was going to do somting like that he cant do everting on 1 day



lel okay one sec

i shot an arrow on his weak spot i gues


keep it up =D ur doing great just an few more weeks then this game goes on the #HypeTrain

i sense it

omg thanks bro i found it

wut i dont have itch

could u help me find my save file from my game

im resetting my pc i would like to keep the progres of my games including (clone drone in the danger zone)

i cant seem to find it in %appdata% also what is its name?

(Edited 1 time)

file:///C:/Users/seppe_000/Desktop/2016-11-02_204316/error.log i just started the game on

u wanted everting alone for yourself it was YOUR bot it was YOUR discord u dont have to blackmail me u where in fault not me

so pls shut up okay?

about the kick how it is now its very bad

its good for 1vs 1

but when ur fighting more then 2 dude u kick one and the other one swipe u in 2 pieces

kinda junk right now but its very fun to trol the last guy with it

heres the link of the new server this one is controller by 2 people and not only one to prevent

an dictatorship and yes she ruine dthe friendship on her own i started 4 days to give her an chance and did nice but she did not want to trust me so im sorry but being friends comes from 2 sides not only my side


i deleted it and reinstalled it fully worked again gladly hopefully this would be fixed soon

hey im an user of your very aweso game

and me and an friend wanted to make an discord channel that is verified

discord is somting like skype and teamspeak but then 20 times easyer


so thats what i came and asked ofc u can get full permision to change and add stuff to it

its that i made one with some other "friend" but she betrayed me and stabbed me in the back

by not giving any perms and being rude so can i be veriffied im 16+ and i know how to do stuff

well i cant play right now my game is all bugged out now it doesent even start up u know the title screen?

well i only have the title screen and no options lituraly ONLY the title screen

not even invisble buttons there just gone

what folder is the save stored? i kinda want to know

still beter love story then twilight

it is made in minecraft with an mod called

chisel and bits


yea ofc but i dont have transparant colors in minecraft

i think that laser drone is going to be an lil fudger

he will shoot ur feet off


couple days ago doborog ask for an idea that all the player that bought this game in early game would get

i made somting that might be fun its an skin for the sword


i use minecraft and an mod called

chisel and bits

check fan art section