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A Couple Questions of Minor Importance

A topic by LichPotato created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 121 Replies: 2
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Exactly what it says on the tin:

1. Why is Spider-tron (both variants) immune to sawblades?

2. What are your plans for the "kick" feature? I've noticed (as has everyone) that it's quite difficult to use in its current state, and I think you've mentioned re-implementing it.

1: Spider-tron is immune mainly due to performance reasons. Right now the most expensive thing that can be done in the game is something being cut apart. During play testing of the new levels the game would grind to a halt on low-medium end machines if Spidertron fell among the saw blades. Due to the level design, there is often nowhere for the body parts to go, so they get bounced around and get cut again and again. So it's really cool on high end machines, but not so cool on low end ones. A difficult balance.

2: Kicks are most likely going to be activated with the right mouse button. There'll be a standing kick, a jumping kick, a jetpack super fly kick, and if I ever add crouching: possibly some sort of circular leg sweep. That's my initial plan, but once I start implementing it it might break the game and need to be changed/adjusted. The standing one might just stagger rather than knock people over for example. It should be easier to kick than it is now, but not be without risk if you don't time it right. :)


about the kick how it is now its very bad

its good for 1vs 1

but when ur fighting more then 2 dude u kick one and the other one swipe u in 2 pieces

kinda junk right now but its very fun to trol the last guy with it