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Fanmade Discord Server!

A topic by Teewoo created Oct 30, 2016 Views: 745 Replies: 25
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Me and minecrafterseppe made a Discord about CloneDroneInTheDangerZone!

https://discord.gg/kPkzkKr (stupid me forgot to make it to never expire)

Still W.I.P Ofcourse!

What is discord?

Discord is a Program where you can make a Server, with text channels and voice channels!

So you can either Chat with other people.

Or you can Voice Chat with other people!

Hope this is okay, if no ill delete it right away!


i vote up totaly not cuz i got admin on it



Wait, I'm an old man! What is Discord? Will create an account in a little bit. :)

Haha! Its basically like a Teamspeak server, just that its free and you can manage alot more stuff alot easier ^^

its better to talk on discord then on "reply's"

Well its not really a replacement for the Forums, just if other people want to communicate with people who play the same game ^^!

and dont want to refresh the page every second waiting for the other people to reply

better version of skype and teamspeak times 50

u made account?

I upgraded the link to never expire if you still wanna join <<

Update: Most stuff is finished. Could obviously use more members but atm everthing looks good!

I cant get on it?

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Im sorry, im retarded. I forgot to set the link to never expire!

Heres the new link tho https://discord.gg/kPkzkKr

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I lyke dis discussion

I shall make an account and join cuz iz 2cool4me

If you let me plox :3

(I promise not to be annoying....always)

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Ofcourse you can join! Stupid me just forgot to set the link to never expire...

Heres the new one! https://discord.gg/kPkzkKr

Thank you so much :3


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Thanks for joining guys! We're slowly getting more and more people in our small community :D

Everyone is welcomed to join! (and we'd be happy if Devs may even join, i even made a special role for them!)

We now even have a somewhat working bot thanks to SamBoyGaming!

Sorry everyone, i knew minecraft seppe cant handle his power correctly and apparently kicked everyone.

Feel free to join back!

I am really sorry


u wanted everting alone for yourself it was YOUR bot it was YOUR discord u dont have to blackmail me u where in fault not me

so pls shut up okay?

wtf xD?

i blackmailed you into what? Please dont throw around words you dont know.

And ofcourse it was my discord? As i said, do you expect me to just give you everything and make you a God just because you said "hey lets make one!" and ofcourse it was my bot, because Sam asked me if he can make one....

We reached the 10 people mark again!

Hope more people can join