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Reward(s) for early testers

A topic by minimuzza2 created Oct 21, 2016 Views: 322 Replies: 13
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So far they are:

  • The game is only $10 (might go up for the Steam launch!)
  • Your suggestions have my full attention!
  • You can say you played the game before it was cool.
What other rewards would you like? :^@

I don't know, those are some awesome perks!

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how long were you working on this game before the pre alpha?


Since April this year. It came together pretty quickly! :)


you must be pretty good at what you do, is it a team or just you?

It was just me up until launch, but many people have helped with feedback and testing.
One of my hilarious friends wrote some of the better dialogue about water too. :P

I would try and help out but im not very good at working on games, just good at playing them :(

CAPES LEZZZ GOOO gustom capes pls lol only people who got the early acces get capes then for future capes need to show in "future" multiplayer


we could get a lazer sword skin. didn't he say some where that its going to be multiplayer in the end?

Maaaaaaaybe multiplayer next year sometime. Not in the near future though. No promises! :)

I think you should add a co-op mode before a multiplayer it would be fun and help iron out some bugs that would appear in multiplayer :)

or, instead of skins, we could get coloured lasers, depending on who used it, for example, red archers shoot red arrows