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DO NOT CHEAT IN 180 clones

A topic by minecrafterseppe created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 635 Replies: 15
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also doborog u did an very good job at making your game very stable gg


Nice 1 Frame per 10 seconds Lul


u wanne know how i found my save folder?

Nah i read it already

How did you even open dev console?

i did not open it if u pres S when your game is starting up it tells u the location of the save file therefore i just went into the file of

"endlesmode" and i gave my self 180 clones then restart game boom 180 clones (yes u can also give urself upgrade points)

ok thanks


I don't have an 'endlessmode' folder. Instead, I have JSON and BAK save files, both of which I cannot open.

You are on mac, like me...

You have to tell the computer to open the files using text edit, but I have not had much success. Good luck!

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Sorry for the late reply, but I don't play on mac.

I play on Windows.

I'll try anyway.



At some point I'm going to make it slightly harder to cheat, but it's pretty low priority. :)

pls no lol i love it like this xD

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probably because you can only make it halfway through silver otherwise :)

p.s. jk