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Actual Feedback

A topic by elmarjuz created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 616 Replies: 26
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I've looked through the forums, and, it seems, a lot of the topics is kids trying to make their magical fantasy vidjagame ideas become reality. Which is great and all, but, well, that's not really very productive, considering everyone has a lot of fantasies and not every software developer has an endless supply of time and effort. Especially on a project of this sort.

I like this game. While playing this game I have discovered a number of things I have issues with. And I'd like to share them. If anybody has suggestions/problems of similar sorts - I think this would be a good place to share them.

Anyway, since the alpha victory feedback form suggested this forum and I sincerely doubt that the developers will go through all of the feedback supplied to the form -- EVERYBODY GETS A RANT!

If you could wave a magic wand and add or change anything at all, what would it be? Unlimited budget!

  1. Skipping the initial sequence. Once you've seen 10-15 of these, I wouldn't say that the entire sequence of WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR-WE'RE GONNA SEND YOU THROUGH A TUNNEL FOR 15 SECONDS is particularly captivating. Check out super meat boy. Your game is not very forgiving a lot of the time. The player dies a bunch. Reduce the respawn time. Also, perhaps, speed up the elevators/ use something faster than elevators. What's the point of them anyway? Just teleport the player. Or add a skip option of sorts. At least.
  2. Mouse capture inside the window during windowed mode is pretty broken. It's screwing up a lot if the player switches between windows.
  3. More movement upgrades? High jump? Srinting? Speed upgrades? Ground pound? Gliding? Grappling hooks? The fighting mechanics are very interesting although mouse movement can be abused pretty badly. Character movement, however, is very limited. Even considering the jetpack. I think I'd spent way more points on those kind of things than anything else.
  4. Related to that - why is the sword swipe directly affected by the character movement/turning direction? Is there no way to bind it to mouse movements? Would've been a lot more interesting of a control scheme than just "strafe right to strike left".
  5. Having played this game for hours, not once have I figured out how does the Kick upgrade work. If there is some magic behind that, I've watched some YouTube videos of the game, I played up to Diamond on my own, and I still have no clue how Kick works. Figure that shit out, maybe? Haven't really looked through the forums, but, well, I don't think that the Internet should be considered a valid Tutorial option.

What levels do you like the most/least?

Most -- the endless mode. Basically anything related to that. Mostly because it doesn't make me go through the first levels of the same boring bullshit without upgrades. Which, really, after about 10 times you can do barely looking at the screen.

Least -- the first levels of the Story. They should be skippable.

Like, add a counter to any player profile, when, after defeating a level N times, a player just gets to skip it and get the tech points for the levels, because, honestly, I've killed that first dude like a hundred times and it is such a waste of time that it made me prefer Endless mode disregarding what I feel about Story.

Which enemies do you find the most difficult?

Uhhh. Ultimate purple guys? I guess? Nobody is really that difficult in the game so far.

Any other comments!

Anybody to join me on the issues mentioned or present your own? Perhaps some realistic adjustments/improvements?


I just want to say that you shouldn't dismiss people suggesting fantastical features. Brainstorming is all about shutting off the voice that says "that's not realistic" and allowing yourself to dream of things that would be really awesome. Everyone playing has their own experiences and ideas that are equally worthy of noticing.

And on that note, so is your feedback!

  1. Opening sequence: Thanks! I can see where you're coming from.
  2. Windowed Mode is on the list of things to implement.
  3. Movement abilities would be fun! Performing high leaps into the air might be neat.
  4. Strafe --> horizontal swing is that way due to playtesting and iteration. It's the answer to how to control your sword that the least people are confused by, even though many other games use a different scheme.
  5. I agree! Kicks are terrible to control at the moment. It's on the list. :)
Glad you like endless mode! Story mode is not really meant to be played over and over again as it is, but it's all I've made for now.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hey, thanks for replying this quickly.

I agree, my comment regarding kids' fantasies was a bit out of line, I was rather grumpy yesterday. ) After all we're talking about video games. I wish this game at some point manages to fulfill as many as possible.

It's nice to see you addressing all of the issues I brought up, however, the sword controls sort of bring up another question. I've looked through the forums, and I've noticed that type of issue is brought up fairly often. Would you, perhaps, consider adding alternative controls?

The reason I insist pushing this thread of discussion is that, well, having played quite a bit, the successful strikes generally end up being decided by the mouse movement, not by the horizontal swing itself, at least for me. i.e. when I try to hit an enemy I don't just strafe and click mouse button, I try to move the mouse to add acceleration and specific angle to the swing, and I agree, it works pretty well as is. Unless you're trying to be trickier about it.

But why bother with the middle-man of strafing at all? Why not, for example, have the player hold the mouse button and rotate the blade in the direction of the mouse-rotation-swing? Because that's what ends up happening anyway. Sort of. Although, perhaps, that's only me.

Another issue with that is that I have a feeling that this can be abused by moving your mouse quickly enough. Although perhaps this is the intended technique? It's sort of confusing.

Any case, if this game grows significantly, I expect more and more people will keep bringing up this issue. ) I mean, you have a fairly unconventional control scheme with that. It sort

It's a balance between making it as easy as possible for new players to pick up vs giving experienced players the maximum amount of control.

The first version was triggered by mouse movement, and I had totally mastered it. As soon as I put new players in front of it though they would have countless instances of swinging in a way they didn't intend before starting to painfully learn the controls.

With strafing I have yet to see someone not get it instantly.


Why not make an option for it. You could call it advanced controls or something. That way both parties can get what they want.

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I haven't gotten it instantly. Had some trouble, actually. Because, while go right-> swing left is instinctual, more or less, the fact that the swing is also affected by the mouse movement was something I discovered and used later. And it sort of became the entire point. Because you don't kill a dude by running away from him, you kill him by swinging your mouse while running away.

As the other commenter suggested, why not add an alternative control scheme? I understand that it might be annoying to develop, because then you might need to structure your code in a different manner, but your game seems to be gaining popularity, and you'll have to address all the people bringing this up. )

I'm also a software developer. Tried my hand at making games at one point, sucked at it. Don't even really know what platform you're using for this game. But I'd personally consider adding it as a feature. Mostly because it's not something outlandish, it's controls. The basics of any game.

But, again, of course this is your project to manage. )

Just my 2 cents.

if u would acualy swing with your mouse(mouse also controls camera) 90% of the time u would just dont know where u are swinging its an very BAD feedback sorry the attack is one of the best things there is dont break it down

As with all feedback I will see how often it comes up. If a ton of people see it as a problem I'll probably do something.
So far, not that many people have raised it as an issue though. Not zero, but not a critical mass either. :)

I am actually fine with the Kick...


This Game is SUPER FUN and I enjoy playing it, so I brain stormed some ideas of enemies, so here they are: 1: a Juggernaut, A robot with a big sword and is 3x the size of regular robots, I was thinking he could have weak points like the Spider-Tron where you hack at it and it explodes. 2: A Rocket-Bot, Like an archer except he has a rocket launcher that fires really big arrows. 3: a Saw-Bot, a robot who has a saw as a weapon. Maybe other things like a robot with duel blades? Love the game, keep up the good work!



Totally gonna get around to implementing this guy sometime. :)

oh good god


It's either a puppy or a lizard. Either way


Yes! That's so awesome!!

Aw HELL naw


Hmmmmm, let's think of a name........


Please don't kill me for the pun.

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that enemy is truly cutting edge technology xD

you really sliced him up


Well, it will be knife to meet him!

oh mother of god

what have you done


That would be amazing plz add :D

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Counter point: I'm actually fine with kick in the current iteration. It seems more reliable to me than blocking and it's one of the first upgrades I pick up. Against a single enemy it's a pretty reliable way to disable and then jetpack/slice the other robot. It's significantly less helpful against multiple enemies, and several times I've kicked one robot only to be sliced by another robot while I'm still in the kick animation. It'd be nice if there was some way to make kick more useful against groups of enemies (maybe improve blocking accuracy while in the animation) but it'd also make sense to have to separate an enemy from the herd before kicking/killing them.


Just a comment: Doborog games is probably the best and most encouraging game developer I've ever seen about taking people's ideas into consideration. That is a very awesome service you are doing this corner of the internet. I salute you!

Thanks! :)

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One thing (Just personal opinion) about clone upgrades. I understand the limit you gave them, so that people can't just play infinitely, but it seems to me that it feels a little forced. What I would do is make it so you can have infinite clones, but each one costs 2 upgrade points. That would Allow people who are happy with what upgrades they have to continue spending points, but not get a clone every level. Just a thought, and it would be cool if you'd consider it.

yeah, I considered this exact format but decided against it for now.

I might revisit it at some point. It could be neat to have some upgrades that costs more points. The ultunate arrow blocker comes to mind!