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i dont use mac so i dont know also (mac kinda sucks PCMASTERRACEFTW)


Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is developed on a Mac, :P

But it works well on both, as long as you're having fun, I say ;-)


*stops playing game*



P.S. - Clone Drone is thoroughly tested on mainstream, mid-range and high-end PCs ;-)

The main rig featuring a Core i7 (6700k), the slower rig featuring an AMD Athlon x4 (870k) - Both featuring AMD graphics cards. A Radeon r9 270 for the AMD PC, and a Radeon rx 480 8gb on the i7 - The PCMR is alive and well in the land of robot sword fighting :P

(P.P.S - I'm avoiding nVidia for QA reasons; Erik has a GTX 1070 in his test PC, and AMD are known for being, well let's just say a tad touchy with Unity games. - Best I iron out all the driver peculiarities during testing since AMD are the ones most likely to choke for no reason.)