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It's me... Dave.

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http://bfy.tw/9eZV - Just a heads up, Google is pretty good at it's job! 😂


That video would be endless... lol.

Use Google, see which programming language you'd like to start with. Find a good forum for said programming language.

Practise makes perfect! Make a game loop and then make things happen! :D

This is definitely not my usual type of game. That being said, it's a beautiful game, very relaxing, and nice mellow music.

The only thing that frustrated me, was that I couldn't do a loop-the-loop!

I don't think there is a way to remove a cooker as of yet.

My opionion, I think having an island would take away the whole point of the game.


I'd love some storage! It's a bit of an annoyance picking up some scrap and throwing my rope away into the sea... lol.

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May seem obvious, but did you type a name for the savefile? Above the "Create" button?

It says "Name of your game...". Click there and type.

Can't say I've played a puzzle game like that before. Especially a puzzle game I enjoyed so much! The only thing I didn't like was that it ended... aha!

Awesome game! Can't wait for the full release.

Pretty fun game.

Some annoyances... The piece of beard by his right ear(left side of screen). I always cut his ear and always miss the hair!!

The beard on the ball of his chin. Virtually impossible to get with a razor unless you wiggle your mouse like crazy, which messes up some styles/cuts.

Create a 'name' page in-game and let everyone add their own(real) names, then get the game to upload them to a database and check for profanity etc? Get the people to do the work for you! aha