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How can I program this well?

A topic by TheEnderDragonNZ created Jan 04, 2017 Views: 536 Replies: 2
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Can somebody from the raft team tell me how to program well? Your game is awesome and I really want to become a game designer, but I need help. Maybe you could post a video or something?

Regards: TheEnderDragonNZ


That video would be endless... lol.

Use Google, see which programming language you'd like to start with. Find a good forum for said programming language.

Practise makes perfect! Make a game loop and then make things happen! :D


Unity (the engine this game is written in) has a very strong community and a ton of great HOWTO videos from basics to full programs. Check them out here.

i have unity i go on tutorialand i look at the videoand my one is outdatedthis is just confuzling