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How can I program this well?

A topic by TheEnderDragonNZ created Jan 04, 2017 Views: 1,012 Replies: 5
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Can somebody from the raft team tell me how to program well? Your game is awesome and I really want to become a game designer, but I need help. Maybe you could post a video or something?

Regards: TheEnderDragonNZ


That video would be endless... lol.

Use Google, see which programming language you'd like to start with. Find a good forum for said programming language.

Practise makes perfect! Make a game loop and then make things happen! :D


Unity (the engine this game is written in) has a very strong community and a ton of great HOWTO videos from basics to full programs. Check them out here.

i have unity i go on tutorialand i look at the videoand my one is outdatedthis is just confuzling

uhh what programming language is raft made on uhh umm mhmm

It's mate with Unity so programming language used is C#.

This is a really old post!!(2 years!) and people are still posting here, lol.

Just out of interest, OP(TheEnderDragonNZ), did you ever take up programming? If so, how well are you doing, have you made anything yet?