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Killing clones

A topic by SamboyGaming created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 279 Replies: 14
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I found another one recently. It's kinda dumb, and by doing it you're asking for it, but thought I would report anyway as a QOL improvement. Quite simply, if you go behind your clones, you can kill them. Just stab them.

Thats not really a bug. I mean you can kill them from any angle and even with the bow. Probably because its just another robot. Ofcourse you shouldnt kill your clones, but you can

They block from the front (or at least they did for me)

I think there's an attempt to make them unkillable, but...


Not a bug, but simple enough to avoid :P



Yeah thats what i meant



(psst. do you want to join our Fan-made discord server? we got lots of cool stuff there like.... uhh... yeah .-.)


This weeks going to be pretty busy with testing, but I really appreciate the offer! :)

Aww, okay xP

Can you somehow send me an invite to join the discord? id really appreciate it



Killing clones is a feature, not a bug. It's up to you what actions to take in the arena, much like you don't HAVE to go back to the elevator when they tell you to. :)

Fair enough! :D

I thought it was a bit humorous because the commentators talked about how stupid I was when I did it. :P