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Pleasure doing business with you.

This. Just this. On SO many levels. The best malware/antivirus is common sense, closely followed by UBlock Origin. Don't really need anything else if you've got both.

Sounds good!

His name is dobby.

Doborog develops on a mac so he might be used to some of the nuances, but if he ever sees this there's a simple guide here for porting unity games to linux - unity will compile but there's other stuff you have to do:

If anyone sees this: It can be fixed by going -> Main menu then back into endless.

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That's basically what happens (the cycling) i just thought that would be what could be happening (the button getting stuck), so when you press space it "clicks" it.

Died in endless mode (0.3.1) and pressed "Next Human". The button then stayed selected I think, so pressing space made me go to the next human...

Any news on that?

I found another. This is only a minor one, but when you fire a bow, it takes the energy as you start to draw it, meaning that if you drop the bow or switch away without firing, the energy is used up but no arrow fired. The energy should be used when the arrow is fired.

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Cool! While you're here, would you mind joining the discord? The link is here and it only takes a second. It would boost the mood of the group greatly, and would make communicating with you in order to report stuff like this easier. I didn't write the bot for nothing...

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Video is here: (there's no sound and the quality's a bit low). At about 8-9 seconds in you can see the corpse respawn, then I turn around at 28 seconds and there's loads, including mine where I died earlier.

EDIT: Just realised how long that took. Sorry for the wait!

I got a video actually, thanks to I'll snip it and upload it. Give me 2 mins

I only saw it just now. I'll try to reproduce it, and give steps if I can.

In the place that they died in

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I found another one guys. Red alert. You know the garbage bots that appear and take away the stuff? Yeah, they're bad at their job. Once they've taken everything, and retreated to their house, and the door has shut, all the corpses of drones you've killed (including yourself), but not spidertron legs or severed limbs, respawn. Not major, but I thought you should know.

EDIT: Spelling

Fair enough! :D


I was watching it. It literally shot like 6 bombs, then disappeared in front of my eyes. Didn't get footage of that as I really wasn't expecting it.

EDIT: I added a video to the main post, if anyone would like to see.

It's weird, because I checked inside the blocks (y'know, by putting your camera inside them) and it wasn't rendered there either.

I think there's an attempt to make them unkillable, but...

They block from the front (or at least they did for me)

I found another one recently. It's kinda dumb, and by doing it you're asking for it, but thought I would report anyway as a QOL improvement. Quite simply, if you go behind your clones, you can kill them. Just stab them.

I've noticed this happen when you're changing tier. It loads what would be the next level if you stayed on the same tier, but because you change tier it's often completely inaccurate. Hope this helps to reproduce it.

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I've been playing endless mode, and twice I've had to kill myself because of the "spidernest" levels (I think that's what they're called - the ones with loads of saw blades, then stairs with walls each side with archers on top). What happens is that the Spidertron 6000 spawns, fires a load of spammy bombs at me, then despawns. The other enemies stay, and once they're all dead I don't hear the level complete sound. I've noticed other people missing an enemy (as in not killing one), but I checked the entire map 3 times and looked inside the walls, but didn't find any. Both times this has happened on level 11.

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