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Thank you! I'd love to check out some more kits. I can't seem to find contact info on your website, do you have an email? Mine is

Hello! I loved playing Dynamo on my channel. Is there a way to get the other kits like the horse? I only seem to be able to make the droids at the moment.

Hi! I'm having trouble connecting to my friends through steam or the host game feature. Is there something I should be doing? I installed spacewar on steam just in case it helped but even inviting through steam friends list didnt work.

oh haha missed this message, I can definitely make it available for the app. That will probably happen with the next update :)

Thanks for letting me know. What browser are you using and on what operating system? There are no application files for this game at the moment.

Thank you for the detailed feedback, it's really helpful! For the next version i'm  changing quite a lot that should address most of the problems you had and make the game more fun! Better art might be a while away because it's just two of us and neither are artists, haha. ;)

Thanks for telling me. hopefully the lag and the fish leveling properly will be fixed for the next version!

Hi! Thanks for the offer, but I've already got someone doing art for me. I'd still love to see your shark if you want to share it on my discord server in the #fan_creations chat, that would be awesome!

Yea after a while there are LOTS of fish and it slows the game down. I'll have to work on that. The music might take a while but it's definitely coming!


Portia is a really interesting game and if you love Stardew Valley and crafting games then try it out, it's free!

Hi! Loving the game and eagerly awaiting the new additions. Do you have an approximate date for when the next update will be out? If not, no worries. Best of luck with development!

cool, sounds like i need to download the new version! Thanks!

Don't Bite Me Bro! community · Created a new topic Saving?

Hi! Loving the game, I even made a video of it :) I can't seem to find the save button. Is there one? I'd love to be able to come back to my progress. Thanks!

That's fair enough, I'm glad I could help. It looks a lot like a mobile game, is that what you intend to do with it? For the windows version of the game, is it possible to put it in a 16:9 aspect ratio and remove the on screen buttons?

Hello Developer!

Your game is a lot of fun so I made a video and my subscribers really seem to love it. Are you thinking of expanding on it?

It doesn't seem like I can download the game. :(

Hello thought I'd share me having fun with the game. I can't wait for there to be more stuff to craft

It'd be great to be able to make weapons with the hammer heads and the spear length sticks! Cool game so far. Looking forward to more!

I always look pretty with a bow :)


I've found SunVox easy to use as someone that hadn't encountered a Tracker before. Plus there's a free verson for PC.

that does help! Thank you

Hello! I've not been able to find a list of the controls. I have only been able to work out left click for attack and WASD for movement. I can't find buttons for things like blocking :)

Oh yea good point I'm not sure about showing the expected revenue. On one hand, most of the youtubers I know are unlikely to play a game they dont like even if they might make money from rev share. On the other it might be a nice bonus or incentive to cover a game they might not otherwise.


I use to find games to play on my youtube channel a lot. The affiliate code system has been good to track people going through the links i put in my descriptions so far.

Do you have any specific plans for it? If not I'd find it really useful to get not only attempted and bought info but also a way of seeing how many people click it total.

On top of that, the money making part is cool and I think the best way of making it fair is implementing a slider similar to the "'s cut" bar on the developer's end so they can decide what I get for sending people to their game if anything.

I haven't thought on this long so I dont know what problems there might be but I'd love to see it expanded upon!

This is seriously impressive, any clue as to how will compare to others like Steam or GOG installer for things like the load on your computer? I think those two are a bit clunky tbh. Also, it looks like the app is very similar to the website front page, is that how it's going to stay? :)

I think one of the most important things in keeping people interested in doing it regularly. If it's once a week or once a month, people will eventually know to come back and have a look at your progress. Otherwise it's very easy to lose people's attention :

Hi all!

I cover all sorts of games and has been a great resource to me to find brilliant projects to cover.

My channel is and if you want to send me a message (I know it's a silly email address) is the best place to do it :P

I'm totally up for helping out, I dunno if I'd be able to co-host due to other large time commitments but I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this!

I think the most important thing here is the players vs devs using the forum. Perhaps giving devs the capacity to use a part of the forum to support their game exclusively but I can't currently think of a way to do this without it getting messy. Then also places that are already there to support a dev community.

Personally I don't like the gamifying parts of forums like post counts etc. partly cause it makes all other forums look really ugly and distracts from conversation somewhat but on the other hand if there's something you can track to give a sense of belonging, that would be cool. The reddit function of being able to customise a little coloured box after your name is really useful.

On second thought, given the number of people here right now it might not be necessary. but I guess longer term it might matter.

yup and then it's easy to expand to meet the community's requirements later with more forums or features or whatever!

Hello everyone! I'm Josh and I work on my Youtube channel GamingFTL, and as a Community Manager for the co-working space Arch Creatives. In my spare time I mess around with music, stand up comedy and game development! The developers and games on have been great so i hope this forum really takes off. :

One thing I've found useful to start off a forum community is keeping the number of different discussion areas in it small. 1 or 2 sub forums max - small. It makes it more likely that people will find and talk to each other that way, which is pretty much the main thing people use a community hub for.