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Starting an podcast, looking for co-hosts and guests

A topic by Raygan created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 2,210 Replies: 21
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Hi all. I'm Raygan Kelly, and I host The Short Game, a podcast about short video games. As you can imagine, I'm in love with

I've been planning for a while now to launch a separate show specifically about the platform. It would be a weekly show no more than 30 minutes in length (maybe shorter) that would include news about and highlight one cool game or developer from the community each week with a discussion and/or developer interview.

I may do this as a solo project, but I'd love to have a co-host if anyone is interested. My co-hosts on The Short Game don't really have time for a second weekly podcast, and ideally I'd like to meet new people and reach a new audience. If you're interested, let me know here or write me at info [at] Experience with podcasting or other media (YouTube etc...) isn't required but would be a big help.

I'd also love to hear what the community would be interested in hearing! What games/developers do you want to hear about? What sort of format are you interested in? What should the show be called?!


Oooooh I could be a guest! I really want something like this podcast to kick off. In term of what I'd like to hear I think you've nailed it by saying news and a highlight.


Hey @raygan thanks for making this topic. I know you sent an email to us a while back. We were interested but we haven't had a chance to respond with logistics. I'm totally on-board with having the community organize something like this though. If there's something we can do to help facilitate it just tell us.


I'd definitely be interested in making a guest appearance!

As far as a name goes, I'm sure there's a good "itch" pun out there somewhere ("Scratchin' the Itch with Raygan Kelly").

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)

I would love to take part as a co-host, I've been looking into getting back into podcasting somehow. However I got some pretty strict time constraints until mid January, will a seat be available until then


Thanks. I haven't made any firm plans yet, but I may end up working with more than one cohost, so schedule conflicts might not be a big deal. Let's chat! Email me at info [at] and we'll work out a time to meet via Skype.

Awesome! Emailed you.

I'm totally up for helping out, I dunno if I'd be able to co-host due to other large time commitments but I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this!

I'll totally come on at some point! As long as you don't mind slightly drunken guests. I have a personal rule to never podcast entirely sober.

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Raygan, I would love to co-host or make guest appearances as appropriate. I'll email you with specifics once I'm home from the office today but I wanted to make my interest known.

i can make myself available as a guest, sure!

(I thought I'd just say it like it is, rather then buttering myself up too much, and have us experience problems later.)

Hi, I've done quite a bit of live-streaming on twitch, and I've watched quite a few podcasts and get the idea behind them, and I have gotten compliments about having a radio announcer's voice because of it, and I love engaging an audience and talking to them (when appropriate). I've done some actual public speaking here and there, so talking to a lot of random people isn't new to me, in fact I'm quite comfortable, especially since it would only be through an online screen in this case.

I have quite a few opinions on gaming and have been wanting to become a critic of some sort. Podcasting interests me greatly, and I was looking for a way to break into it.

However, a few downsides for me might include the fact that I'm new to and thus so far have been playing mostly "tradionally published" games. Or the fact I can get busy and not always play any game a particular week, or perhaps only one game that I get really into for weeks and nothing else.

It also sounded like your looking for dev interviews most of the time, and well.....even outside of, I'm no developer, just a particularly interested games consumer who's vocal on occaison, really.

Scheduling could pose a problem, I'd try my best, but there's no guarantee something won't throw a curve ball at my life and make me unavailable at particular times.

Ultimately, unless we flexed schedules each week, I'd likely only work as a guest......or at best a recurring guest.

I do have a few questions about this, would it be pre-recorded, or done with an audience willing to listen live at the same time while it was recorded?

Would veiwer emails/questions be considered on the podcast?

Or are a lot of these details still being figured out?

If I email you, it'll be from

Just to let you know.

I'll guest if you want me. ^^
I'm a visual novel maker with a few titles under my belt.

I would love to be a guest. I am not a developer, but instead a indie gamer who covers loads of game jams (including one's on, if you'd be interested in having me on at some point :)


I think it would be cool to spend each episode on two or three games on (since they tend to be pretty simple/short) that have some thematic similarity to be discussed.

Also I really love The Short Game. This post earned you a listener.


This sounds like a great idea. I'm sure I'll listen to the podcast when it goes ahead. I'm a very new indie developer and maybe one day (if and when I make a decent game), I'd be interested in featuring in an episode.

Good Luck.

I'd be up for being a guest if you'd have me!

This sounds amazing! It'd be great to hear all the different techniques, outlooks etc from all the weird and wonderful devs on here.


Tweeted ya. Totally be interested in co-hosting. Been listening to the short game for a while now, it's great.

Thanks everybody for all the interest! I'm sorry if you've emailed or tweeted at me and I've been slow to respond. I'm working my way through messages and reaching out to a few potential co-hosts at a time. This has been an odd experience, somewhere between meeting new friends and conducting a job interview. Things are progressing, though! No firm date on launching the podcast, but I have a name and I'm setting up hosting etc...

I'd love to listen to this. I'm new to itch both as a player and a developer, so it'd be a wonderful way to get plugged into the community (at least on the lurker level, haha).

Would love to guest and discuss dev and Early Access.