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Bought this on steam because I thought it would be easier but I can't play it because it's only on windows.  Is there any way to get the download here for mac?

Oh no!   Did I miss the 10% off?!!

So excited to play it!

Following!  Looking forward to it!

Aunt Matilda is MVP

Loved the plot twist.  

Sequel where we can play as Frostbite?  Pretty pleaseeeee.  Haha.  I needs more.

Bastion is a sweetheart.  I'm off to play the Shadow route but I wanted to check in and say how amazing this game is.

I have a weakness for pixel art, this is cute!

Cute you're still working on this!

  1. Mark (I love a complex character).  But I have to go with the musicians Theo and Luca for the real best bois.  Loved Lucas flintiness and Theo's old school charm.  I usually like bespectacled nerds but  Tristan rubbed me the wrong way.  That "stand up routine" and then what followed just told the story that this guy should be in therapy instead of dating.  Haha.  But dating in the real world you come across a lot of Tristans.  Ugh,

2.  Done!

3. Probably when Theo introduces you to his family.  Too cute.

4. Do I ever and don't you tone down that douchy-ness.  He's awesome with a chip on his shoulder.

5.  I love the voice acting but partial is good enough for me.  Would replay with an android version though.

Thanks guys!  Good job.

Hope it goes well!

April fools?  I love this game!  Please tell me you're thinking of expanding it!

I remember this from a long time ago.  I'm sorry I haven't played it in a while.

I was going to message the same thing!

I can't wait to play these on android!  Thanks!

So that's how you did it!  It's awesome!

Cute look!

This is so cute so far.  I'll be following this for sure.

Really cool!

This looks amazing!

Hey Chang Lu!
I love this.    It's so cute and I'm glad to see you're still at it.  Your art just gets better and better and you're writing too!  AWESOME!

(I'm still at the zombie game you did the sprites for by the way, I've done quite a few reworks but I'm getting there!)

I can email you a Mac and Android version if you want those to put up.  I'm on a Mac but I'm playing it now.

Omigosh!  YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!!  That's so incredible!

This was adorable.  Great job!

I loved it.

No nudity.  Sorry for the super late reply.

HI!  Thanks it's

Would there be copyright issues with using these?

This is amazing.

Omigosh two years later.  But I know what I'll be playing this weekend coming.

Aw, thanks!  I'm still working on finishing the zombie project, and another secret game!

Good job!  I can't wait to play it.

Have you changed all your .mp3 or .wav files to .ogg?

You can convert online and that saves space too.

Hi!  Run all your images through
That's my secret to filesizes!  I hope it works out.

This was gorgeous.  I can't wait to see updates on this and it's one that I'll absolutely play through again.  Brilliant work!

Love it.  Art is great.  Noticed some spelling errors but this is my kind of zany comedy.  Good work!

Yes, it was your usual creepy style.  I loved it.

Sleepy!  Good to see you still doing things!  I'm going to play this now.  Looks awesome!

A month later I've finally uploaded an android file on here.  Thanks!

HEY!  Why haven't I played this yet?!  I'll play it ASAP!

Omigosh!  I can't believe I missed this!  I'll be playing tomorrow!