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Creative take! I liked it!

I love you Yoss.

That is all.

I remember playing this back in the day. I think it ended on a cliffhanger?  Nice to see it reuploaded though!

You did a rerelease!  That's awesome!  I'll have to play it again.

Your reading of this just totally made this game for me.  :)

Lovely game so far. I appreciate all the effort put into it.

The rendering is so beautiful, and parts of the visual novel are just captivating.

Hai.  It's me, your English editor.  Haha. (If you need me).

I love all the inside jokes in this.  I laughed quite a few times.  The writing is superb and sucked me right in.  A really underrated game!

Glad to see you still making stuff!  I wish I could play it... but alas... I am a lowly Mac user.

Soooo excited for this!

Commented on Lemmasoft but I'm seriously excited for this!

Hey!  You did a Nanoreno entry!  I can't wait to have a look at this!

Reminding myself to play this when I get a chance!

Noooo!  I uploaded a game sans build.  Haha.  You can always just tag 'nanoreno'

Super excited!  :)

Fascinating.  Any chance of getting a Mac version?

I can't even express how much I ended up loving this.  Every character is PERFECT.  It was so easy to read and fun which is good for me because I'm constantly distracted.  It was just sooooo good!

I finally got around to playing the demo.  It's soooo good!  I really like the intrigue you've put into it so far.  Idris is a really interesting character and I wonder how the storyline will develop from here on out.

HEY!  New game!  You've been working hard!  :)

Glad you've had some time to dev!  <3. Can't wait to play it!

Google gets triggered too much.  Haha.

Only half way through but I had to stop over and leave a comment.  Just fantastic!  You have me hooked!

Soooo excited for it!

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Thanks for that.  We appreciate it.

I think you got our earliest upload of the files at the end of the jam - before they'd been proofread.  With 83k of text that's a LOT of proofreading!

Everything should be fixed up now in the latest uploads.

Nice work. Yay!  You finished something.  <3

This looks amazinggggggg!  <3

Haha!  It bothered me too but I wasn't sure what to do about the glitch when you die.  I just made the maze a bit easier.

You need an apk for android not a zip file! 

What's the ldjam page for this? 

I followed  you on Twitter and couldn't wait for this one!

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Hit me up! 

It's so good,,, I can't even... :)

Awww. <3

I'm sure you can get it! There's a trick to it. It took me ages at first. But try again. :)

This game is a keeper.

I've been playing it so much. I'd love to see a redone version with more settings/villains trying to take down the roo.

Such a great concept!

This game was sooo addictive.

I'll be voting for you for sure!

Wow. I have no idea what the issue with -20HP is! If anyone else gets the same issue, we'll look into it for sure.

Thanks for being so in depth. <3