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A great bunch of updates! Thanks for those. I also really like the unmentioned forum profile that everybody has now! ;)

As a YT/Streamer I third this with enthusiasm. The Dev/Influencer communication is currently flawed across the industry and trying to spearhead a change in that would certainly be a good place for Itch. Especially considering the recent introduction of the Press System.

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Raygan, I would love to co-host or make guest appearances as appropriate. I'll email you with specifics once I'm home from the office today but I wanted to make my interest known.

Hey er'body! I'm Tons0fun, not a game dev but a lover of Indie games. I stream over on Twitch and have a budding YouTube channel where I have various series running, one recently started and hopefully long lived is checking out all of the great titles here on Itch.io. (First video from that series is going up Friday) Really excited about the new Press system and better connecting with Developers.

Feel free to reach out at Tons0fun@tons0fun.tv for coverage or interviews. I'll definitely be reaching out to a number of you as I make my way through all the games in the Press system.