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A true classic that inspired an entire genre. It's great to see it preserved here and playable on so many platforms. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this! 

This was exceptionally funny

Oh and if you are planning to continue making these clone arcade games for Playdate, maybe take a crack at Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move next?! It was the second thing I thought of after getting my hands on the crank. Just look at Bub cranking away down there, aiming his bubble machine! 

Bust-A-Move Arcade Round 1

I'm sure this would be a lot of work, but it would indeed be cool!

I like it! I was looking forward to someone making an Arkanoid clone for the playdate! It was the first thing I thought of when I got my hands on the device.  I hope you'll continue working on it, and add sound! 

I loved this! Really impressive use of Pulp and has a few really nice little puzzles.

Thanks! Might be the most impressive Pulp game I've played so far.

I'd never played the flash version so I looked it up, and this is an incredibly well done port of a clever and addicting simple game. Just the kind of thing I'm glad to have on Playdate!

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Oh, duh! Thanks! A little awkward at first but that clears it up!

Was this made with Pulp or the Playdate SDK?

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I think I must be missing some sort of obvious mechanic but I can't figure out how to get the bubble past the spikes around the goal in the second level.  Hint?

This looks great! If we order the print version will we also get the password to the interactive online version?

Take care of yourself! I'm looking forward to this update once things settle down.

I'm so excited to play this! I loved Tomb of the Mask but was annoyed by all the Free to Play BS in it. Going to install this on my Everdrive tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking this out.

Thanks everybody for all the interest! I'm sorry if you've emailed or tweeted at me and I've been slow to respond. I'm working my way through messages and reaching out to a few potential co-hosts at a time. This has been an odd experience, somewhere between meeting new friends and conducting a job interview. Things are progressing, though! No firm date on launching the podcast, but I have a name and I'm setting up hosting etc...

Thanks. I haven't made any firm plans yet, but I may end up working with more than one cohost, so schedule conflicts might not be a big deal. Let's chat! Email me at info [at] and we'll work out a time to meet via Skype.

Hi all. I'm Raygan Kelly and I'm a podcaster. I do a show called The Short Game where we discuss (ready for it?) short video games. I'm excited to see starting a forum, because I'm working on a new podcast about the platform and community. I'm currently seeking a co-host and guests and I'd love to hear what people would want out of an community podcast!

Hi all. I'm Raygan Kelly, and I host The Short Game, a podcast about short video games. As you can imagine, I'm in love with

I've been planning for a while now to launch a separate show specifically about the platform. It would be a weekly show no more than 30 minutes in length (maybe shorter) that would include news about and highlight one cool game or developer from the community each week with a discussion and/or developer interview.

I may do this as a solo project, but I'd love to have a co-host if anyone is interested. My co-hosts on The Short Game don't really have time for a second weekly podcast, and ideally I'd like to meet new people and reach a new audience. If you're interested, let me know here or write me at info [at] Experience with podcasting or other media (YouTube etc...) isn't required but would be a big help.

I'd also love to hear what the community would be interested in hearing! What games/developers do you want to hear about? What sort of format are you interested in? What should the show be called?!