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Super rad game and concept! Almost had to break out a pen and paper. Great for the jam format as well, and very well polished.

Cool splash screen and pixel art! Would be interested to see more gameplay in future iterations, but a great start here.

With all the fixes in play I was able to get the job!!!

Great atmosphere, it made me wish I was playing on an actual Gameboy!! Fantastic art style, and the dialogue was rich and inspired. A glitch lost the cursor after I got the knife, so I couldn't finish the game. Also, the text was hard to read (some bugs too). To be expected w/ a jam though! Overall very spooky and fun!

Art, music, and the premise for the gameplay are all great! I ran into a handful of game-breaking bugs that kept me from really experiencing the whole thing, hope it gets fleshed out (no pun intended) post-jam!

Funny and engaging premise, and pretty entertaining to play as fast as possible. I would love to see future iterations include sfx and music as well as more gameplay elements, goals/challenges, etc.

Hi Cristian! I have sent you DM on Discord.

I hope this has inspired others to care about the ocean and nature more, just as it has moved me to do so.

Chase, your talent, work, and wit astound me! I didn't know I needed a musical warioware x bullet hell until now but here we are!

can do!

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Read the video description for more creative deets!

(Edit: I crunched on programming and wrote this thinking submissions were due in the AM tomorrow, not the PM... I might try to get something more coherent and playable whipped up tomorrow if I have the energy, but I didn't exactly plan on having a bunch of free time tomorrow so we'll see.)

Gotta call it here at 1:17 AM. Turns out, I'm not so great at crunching, haha. I'm just glad that I was able to work on a project after months away from programming, and more so I had a really special time collaborating with my partner Anna on such a strange exploration of our creative intuition. I even learned a few things about Clickteam Fusion and sampling sounds in Reaper. I'm sad we weren't able to start work on this when the jam initially started (I had finals and Anna has had unemployment headaches and sick family, COVID be damned), but creating for creation's sake is something I've been meaning to do for the last year or so and I think this is bringing me more fully into that goal. 

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Sneak peek

Bad news is we are not on pace to finish tomorrow morning, but the good news is that all the art and some music exists. Gonna share what we end up with, and we expect to complete it sometime soon. 

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A very late start, but we're pulling it together! My partner Anna and I are putting together a short, abstract art-thing for the jam. The art was all finished as of this morning, so I thought I'd share some of the concept work she did. Now to plug it all in, program, and make the music in just a couple days... WOO! We agreed to make this a no stress project and just enjoy the process of collaborating on something creative :)

Bumping to confirm that I am still available for paid or short projects! Serious inquiries only please.

Hey there, my name’s Fallon and I want to give your game a soul that is flawed, tainted, destined for a malevolent carnal animation that will wreak chaos upon this doomed Earth

I’m 25, I’m a creative writing student (formerly at the University of Idaho), and I’ve been a freelance writer for video games since February 2018, earning my start as a hobbyist fiction writer and game developer in 2015 with the release of my weird interactive novel The Ceramic Uncertainty (which, just recently, had a mobile re-release through Tap by Wattpad). 

I’m primarily looking for paid projects, but am happy to field free/revshare proposals with a small workload in mind. Additionally, I am currently offering short pro bono conceptual drafts!

My current game projects include:

  • Watercolors, a short, experimental, contemplative fiction about death that blends elements of traditional interactive fiction with lyricism and poetry.
  • Ravenswick Chronicles (development lead by Vlastan), a Lovecraftian horror RPG for PC. Writing responsibilities so far have included: worldbuilding for 20+ interconnected in-game areas, character backstory and dialogue for 30+ unique NPCs, plot and story writing, quest-design, editing, conceptual writing, and regional/time-period research.

Short Stories:

While my written work has typically been tied to the genres of literary fiction, weird/experimental fiction, cosmic horror, contemplative lyricism, dark comedy, and slice-of-life, I am eager to engage any writing framework. I am passionate about creating art that challenges our assumptions of how life works, whether that’s in the realms of society, spirituality, the fantastic, the mundane, the self, or creativity itself. I believe any subject can provide a unique lens through which to explore these concepts.

If you’re interested in working together or have any questions, reply with a comment or send an email at fallonbraddy [at] gmail. Thanks!

What a delightful let's play, and CONGRATULATIONS on being the first to do so! Thank you so much for sharing, glad you enjoyed it despite our in-game meta bickering ;) 

I'll be spreading the word and forward this on social media. Cheers!!

As itch has developed they've been incredibly receptive to user feedback, to the point where every once in a while even a single suggestion can turn into a whole new site-wide feature. 

Itch prioritizes people and their creativity, not abstract ideas like "industry" or "business sense" (not to say they lack sensibility in those regards. People-mindedness has proven to be quite sensible here!)

I've been looking for something like this for a while! Depending on how the technology develops this might make for a whole new level of accessibility that indie devs can utilize. I know even companies like Nicalis forgo online multiplayer features in most (all?) their games due to the workload it places on a project.

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This is kinda long, meant to weed out people who aren't very serious. Thanks for reading!

Free: Super small/short-term projects; can't be distributed commercially w/o pay or skill trade; I retain rights to all music.

Paid: Open to proposals for projects that would take 2 months or less to see through; rates vary based on project scope.

Skill Trade: Will produce content for your project in exchange for content of equal value added to a project of my own OR hands-on tutorials for certain skills (I want to get better at making more things!).  


  •  Currently: 
    • artists who specialize in serene/pretty landscapes and maps
      • In the Future
        • game/level designers
        •  relatively advanced HTML/CSS programmers  

Tutorials (for basic understanding/tools to get started):

  • 3D modelling (Blender or free alternative)
  • PICO-8 
  • Unity


Here's my expanded portfolio (including my active music project, Every Day):

Game-related experience

I'm currently looking to assist projects with their musical needs, granted some pickiness as to the project's content and scope, plus additional criteria:

-Game Jams: I will happily work on a non-commercial game jam for free. The game jam can't exceed more than a weekend's worth of casual work, and I would maintain full ownership and distribution rights to the complete soundtrack. If the desire to make the project commercial should arise I'm open to payment/trade and ownership discussions.

-Short projects: I will make up to 5 minutes of music for a small, non-commercial project for free (you can squeeze a lot of loops out of five minutes). Seeking skill-trade for most small music projects, and I simply request to be credited and to maintain full ownership and distribution rights to the complete soundtrack. Commercial projects are accepted with payment/trade and rights negotiation.

-Long-term projects: I don't currently have the time to commit to a heavily-involved project, but am open to serious proposals for paid projects (time is money; you've got money, I've got time!).


Programming [Clickteam Fusion 2.5]: I've spent hundreds of hours as a Fusion hobbyist building and tinkering w/ custom 2D platformer/Metroidvania engines, a point n' click adventure game about Jack Nicholson, a digital deck-builder, and various smaller mechanics that I just wanted to get working for the fun of it. Unfortunately I've not yet completed a full project in programming, which is why I'm posting here!

 -Game Jams: Same as before, I will happily work on a non-commercial game jam for free. The game jam can't exceed more than a weekend's worth of casual work, and we'd have to discuss the distribution. Will only program for a commercial project within a skill trade agreement.

-Short projects: I will program a relatively simple custom 2D engine that falls within my skillset for a non-commercial project. Must agree to a skill-trade.

-Longer-term projects: Currently unavailable.


QA/Testing: I love trying to break games. I even partially discovered a game-breaking glitch in Environmental Station Alpha just by pushing the game's mechanics to their limits. I also have edited and tested my own game The Ceramic Uncertainty which contains hundreds of branching story elements and plot paths.

I'll keep this simple: I'll test a jam/small project for free/trade + credit, long game must be paid/trade + credit.


ABOUT ME: I'm a 23 year-old professional multi-genre composer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, vocals, midi, LSDJ/Chiptune) who has been deeply passionate about creating and enjoying music. I have 11 years experience as a musician (blessed with 5-years professional work; mix of part & full-time), grew up marveling upon Sega Genesis, SNES, NES, and Gamecube soundtracks. I also have independently studied game development since 2012 dedicating myself to the Fusion series of Clickteam game development engines.  I've had an abundance of collaboration within the music world and have only recently started gaining momentum in collaborative game development projects. Also low-key excited about making friends through game development.


If you read all of that and are still interested, send me a direct message on Twitter or comment with a way for me to privately send my email address to you.


Just sent out an email! Eager to see if I'm the right fit for this project!

I just loved everything about this, I'm so glad I stumbled across this on the Ludum Dare site.

A really fun mechanic to play with! I'd love to see this developed with predetermined levels and puzzles and whatnot. My fave entry I've played so far!

A selection of some of the best music I've made to date:

I work in a LOT of genres: ambient, post-rock, chiptune, acoustic, hardcore, folk, and experimental.

For regular life I tour full-time with this guy:

Does the scan log in Metroid Prime count? I literally read that for homework in Elementary school.

I want to see how games can cause us to think about our lives, specifically how we live with ourselves, other people, and how we perceive and approach life.

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I should start the sharing by saying that I've worked with good friends, fellow students (back in high school), as well as finding someone through posting flyers around at game shops. I am saddened to say that none of my collaborative experiences have panned out; most folks let other things in life take priority. The only game I've managed to finish & release started with an artist and ended text-based.

It's also quite troubling/surprising that since travelling the country for the better part of the last two years through the medium of DIY music and touring I've found zero folks who pursue game development, even on a casual level.

When 2 or more are gathered to make video games, that's a what I'd call a team. While I deeply admire the one-person dev powerhouses that make 95+% of their games (like Cave Story or Undertale), I do not find that's the type of developer I wish to be. I really enjoy a collaborative creative environment, but find it hard to cultivate & maintain and I feel like there are others who share this multi-person game development sentiment for all sorts of reasons.

How did you form your team? How did you find the folk(s) you work with and think, "This person is someone I want to share & produce these game ideas with."? Is there a process you went through in recruitment or job/team seeking, or was it born out of something more personal in nature?

It'd also be interesting to hear team-building/maintaining stories you've had in the past that have resolved, for better or worse!

I've made a D&D 5e campaign that has gone over well DMing for a couple different groups of players.
I'd like to compile it into a format that is digitally distributable and easier to navigate than a traditional physical book or pdf module.
My first thoughts on doing this is to use Twine or a similar program and organize the information by chapters or scenes, then having an appendix that will link to given information about an in-game location, item, etc.

I guess my thoughts could be summed up in a few questions:

  • Are there adventure templates or programs Google didn't tell me about that make the process of putting this information together efficient and patron-GM friendly?
  • Even better, have you made a distributable adventure module, and if so, how did you go about making it accessible to the every-day GM? This question has less to do with marketability and more to do with functionality/user-friendliness on the GM-side.
  • And I guess that brings up another good question: do you think that is a good place to distribute your role-playing adventure module for an existing game ruleset like D&D?

Looking forward to your ideas, experiences, and input :)

It sounds like you have well-enforced balance :) I certainly agree with implementing fresh ideas, though personally the caveat you mentioned has been the trick of mastery for myself. How do decide when to move forward, or how do you decide when iteration is going too deep?

This is some really key advice for folks who like to compartmentalize things to stay organized (like myself!). The only problem I have with this type of objective-based progress tracking is where to place features and ideas that come up as development progresses. it's like all the sudden I have all these outliers and factors that weren't previously considered, so I have to kinda improvise to keep the flow and not get caught up in the feature creep.

I finished my first game out of a personal mission to prove that I could actually achieve that goal. I learned a lot about myself in the process as a creator and as a person. For instance, I decided that I really don't like making games alone; I enjoy sharing the process of creation as much as I enjoy sharing the final project.

All that to say, I think what you desire to accomplish in game development might be something to consider for your approach to project management.

Super Mario Maker has consumed a good portion of the last week!

I've been looking for more short games though, like 30 minutes or less of completion. SubQ has some great, short, interactive fiction I've been combing through.

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The Ceramic Uncertainty: 40,000+ words about a plant & 80+ plot resolutions based on your choices may highlight more personal existential conflicts than you'd expect.

Perhaps the pitch is reflective of the interactive novel's wordiness ;) hehehehehe

Your post on Twitter led me here! I'm really thankful for it (and Dropsy <3).

My name is Fallon, I make games and say they're made by Crazy Knuckles Productions, but it's really just me.

I made an interactive novel called The Ceramic Uncertainty in Twine; it's my first release (which you can find here on itch)!

I've spent 3 years learning game development independently. I like writing, design, and using Twine, but I'm really passionate about music composition (I tour and play live music for a living) and programming in Fusion 2.5. I'm always making prototypes and thinking about making games with other folks, but have no real desire to make games alone.

I'm trying to find folks who like to make games. Not just for collaborative purposes, but in general. I'm from a small town in North Idaho and while I've found some friends here and there who've taken slight interest in dev stuff, I know no-one who is really passionate about it on a personal level besides myself... I like to have fun with games, but I do take them very seriously as art :)

Fave games (in no particular order): Super Metroid (I have a Metroid tattoo!), Proteus, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Smash Bros. (all of 'em, especially Sm4sh & Melee), Metroid Prime, Super Meat Boy, Super Mario World, & Dropsy.

I don't typically have much spending money, so when I get a game it's something I expect to have a great personal investment in. I think it's quite easy to find good games that are free, or to just play fun games I already own. But when I feel like I can become attached to a game is when I'll make a purchase. Attachment can present itself in many ways, be it socially in a co-op game, emotionally in a choice or story-heavy game, sheer enjoyment in the feel of a title's gameplay, etc. Even feeling connected to a developer and their design philosophy or simply who they are can be incentive enough :)

I'd love to listen to this. I'm new to itch both as a player and a developer, so it'd be a wonderful way to get plugged into the community (at least on the lurker level, haha).