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What are you playing this week? [Nov 30, 2015]

A topic by Amos created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 1,097 Replies: 29
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This week, I'm still trying to finish The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (spoilers ahead?)

Got all the Lilith achievements, currently struggling to beat Megasatan & Hush with the Lost, only got Dead Cat once in like 130 runs. I thought I was done with The Lost, damn it Ed/Tyrone.

Not sure whether I should continue on Fallout 4 or go back to Splatoon, which I haven't touched in a while.


Have you played Fallout 3 before 4 came out? What did you think of 4? I've never played any Fallout games but some people were talking of disappointments so I was wondering what the consensus was nowadays.

I have played Fallout 3 to completion (minus the expansions), I've been on a pretty busy schedule lately and don't think I have a full opinion on it yet, but I'm loving it so far.

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This week I've also played Snacats by Sparklin Labs:

It's basically local multiplayer 360-degree snake, but with cats (and that orange dude who drinks coffee and is my spirit animal).

I played it with my girlfriend's 11-year-old sister to test some secret stuff and we had a bunch of fun!


Haven't been playing much (other than dev work) due to being cut off from the net for over a fortnight. Luckily, it came back tonight so maybe I'll hit something up tomorrow night.


I'm actively playing League of Legends right now. Trying to catch up with pre-season changes aaaand learning how to play versus humans. :\


I didn't go very far in LoL against humans, the community cracking down on beginner-me has been a huge turn off :(

I guess large communities are always hard to manage but for now I'm happy playing LoL with a few friends against bots.

Yeeeeah, community can be such a turn-off in all the MOBAs and FPSes, I was talking about it on Twitter few days ago. Noob-shaming is awful, elitism is awful. What I like in LoL is that, thank to RiotLyte, toxicity is waaaay lower and punishing than in other MOBAs. Tribunal and reports are not useless and even semi-automatic. It gives me hope. :)

I, personally, spent the whole year playing in Coop vs AI mode. It just became too boring, I now literally know how to trick bot into trap and such, it's more interesting to play against humans, because, well, it's unpredictable and hard.

But, yeah, I wish toxicity was lower though... :c


This week, going to hunting for some indie Christmas/Holiday platformers that I'll be terrible at. Have a few on the list of ideas so far.


Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare anyone?


Eldrich! I meant to play it ages ago but never got around to it. Just bought it for 1.50 (a steal) and it's been awesome so far. Also playing lots of Nuclear Throne, which is a game I'm only playing more and more of as time goes on. I recently hit the 200 hour mark on it, which is a record for my steam profile (finally something beat the original Binding of Isaac). I've also had an urge to replay Pikmin 3, but that will have to wait until after exams.


Playing Awesomenauts from time to time. Same as many previous weeks. PC can't handle decent games, but I find that such inconvenience really saves a lot of time. For that reason I also try to avoid highly addictive light-weight games like Binding of Isaac. Got stuff to do!

I've been playing SMT Nocturne because I never got around to beating it (or even getting terribly far in it). I finally got around to setting up PCSX2 (PS2 emulator) and it actually works pretty great!

I just got Tri Force Heroes for my 3DS, and it's lots of fun! In vastly different sorts of games, I also picked up Elite: Dangeroes in the Steam sale, but it is a difficult game to get into.


i am mostly playing neko atsume and the 3DS game where the rabbit tries to get you to give nintendo money and then maybe you win an imaginary sticker to put on your 3DS menu. i am really obstinate about playing free-to-play games for a painfully long amount of time without spending any money.

Didn't get the chance to play what I mentioned earlier, looks like it's more Threes,


I just played this:

it was quirky. The kind of thing I like.

I've just hit level 55 on Fallout 4 and I think I'm going to revisit Fallout 3 for a bit of nostalgia


Civilization 5! I just keep returning to this game for some reason. I didn't play it much before the last expansion, but after that I've been playing it for a few days straight every few months. Also been playing Fallout 4 a bit but I don't have the same urge to play it as I had with New Vegas for some reason.

So much Fallout 4. Like my entire weekend, gone.



Aura Kingdom, and advance wars.

Advance wars yesssss, I really need to finish dual strike T.T


Been really enjoying Darkest Dungeon lately! Playing a bit of Duelyst and Rocket League as well.


been playing rocket league for like, the 300th week in a row. also bashing my head against sneakr, which is an incredibly good free stealth game.

I gotta get onto Rocket League - looks like fun :) I've got MGS5 whitch I'm 3% into - I'll finish it when I'm less busy. Otherwise I'm currently playing Tomb Raider 2013 - pretty decent game, kinda like Uncharted.

Dwarf fortress tavern update thing just came out so I was playing that, it was inevitable. (Bark scorpian men ftw)

And I was playing hearthstone~

Still playing Destiny. They just added a free event "Sparrow Racing League", which is a lot more fun than I'd thought it'd be. Also playing a bit of Nethack since they added a new version after 8 years (I think). Still kicking my ass.


Metal Gear Online and Tekken Tag 2, although i haven't put in much time in either -- way too busy lately. i play MGO on Xbox One and Tag 2 on PS3. i plan on putting in some quality time with Hylics this month!

Super Mario Maker has consumed a good portion of the last week!

I've been looking for more short games though, like 30 minutes or less of completion. SubQ has some great, short, interactive fiction I've been combing through.

Super Mario Maker makes me want a Wii U. I'm pretty sure it's still not worth it to buy one, but it makes me sad that I can't play SMM. :(