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the game should be available this weekend! ~thank u for yr patience~

i enjoyed this slice of life simulation


Thank you!


I was wondering if they each had a unique targeting strategy!

I love this game and have played it a bunch! It's extremely charming, and the way Annalynn and the snakes have asymmetrical movesets from each other makes for a lot of really interesting routing. It's kind of like if a game was all the really tense, near-miss moments of Pac-Man back to back?

I've been trying really hard to unlock different outfits, because I'm a sucker for that stuff - I've only gotten the first two so far. I haven't found a reliable way to get all the snakes to clump together so I can get all four in a single gem; it feels kind of random whether I'll be able to get them all in time. So I keep near-missing perfects by just that much.

If there's a strategy I'm missing, please give me some tips! I want those outfit colors.

thanks keith!

I Love the sense of scale here.

I wanted more games I could play with my tarot cards (I have too many).

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you!!

Lisa Sterle's Modern Witch Tarot!

putting this quote on the back of the box, thanks!

omg thank you!!

Original (bad):

Updated (good):


Thanks! I made it as a sample prototype of comedy game for my class.



that's a good suggestion! I'll try and add text only versions

Hey y'all! I'm finally ready to open up playtesting, holler at me if you want to playtest the game and give feedback!

I'll be demoing this game this Saturday at 3 P.M. at Bonus Round! Anyone in Chicago, it would be great to see you.

Updated cards for the second round of playtesting. The cards feature character information that guides role-playing. The original versions just straight up had biographies on them, which was a lot of information (and not all of it actually helpful). I've redesigned them a few times to make useful information more prominent, like the character's motivation / goal. They also contain a new mechanic I'm testing: character-building questions that are unique to each character, which trigger when the piece moves to support or threaten another. We'll see how well they play.

Chicago folks: I'll be demoing this game next Saturday (International Tabletop Day) at Bonus Round Game Cafe. Not sure what time yet, but I'll post it here when I know.

(girl on left is my student briana who is working on her own role-playing game about Steven Universe-style fusions)


photo from last night's playtest! hoping to have a playtest kit ready and solicit playtesters soon!

Psst anyone local to Chicago, I'm going to be playtesting this at Bonus Round Cafe's Designer Night on Monday the 9th. Come try it out!

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Working on a narrative game.

you know how in a sale you'll see the normal price with a slash through it and then what the sale price is and how much % off the norm that is? i want that except that it shows you're paying 80% more than the normal price. also it would be cool if people could see how long until the anti-sale is over. just like with sales.

that is, a sale that forces people to buy a game for higher than its base price?

windows 10 does this for a lot of small games and software. it's just gatekeeping.

how to make personal games

dunno if it's gonna be recorded but i'll probably post the slides!

i was literally just looking at the kickstarter (i was looking up the tiny swords itch page for a talk i'm giving on print & play games at the local library next week). i had no idea you were kickstarting a version until just now. congratulations! i still haven't actually played the game - i felt bad printing out the beautiful pastel cards on my black and white printer. so thank you for solving my problem, i guess!

perhaps it's your favorite game as well.

borb the birb

yeah second this