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This game has a great sound track and an awesome concept that I would really like to see more of. Other than a few issues with walls being sticky and the co-workers you are trying to save ending up getting you killed by blocking you in, this gets high marks from me. Now, the only reason I am giving a notch down in Creativity department, is because zombies.

This was a fun little game, and was really nicely done artistically. I liked the twists with the multipliers actually hindering you for a short period of time.

I'm terrible at racing games, but if you'd like to watch me fall off the course a few times, here's a video:

This game was a lot of fun, as soon as I figured out that the key was not running around like a chicken with my head chopped off. I would love to see more come from this, and perhaps a little more variety of enemies. All in all, a fun game to pass the time with :)

If you'd like to watch me fail at it a few times, check it out here:

A fun game I played as part of my Ludum Dare 34 series. It took me a try to figure out exactly what to do, but after that, I was just trying to grow without getting mowed down from all the people cutting the lawn.

If you'd like to check it out:

I played this game as part of my Ludum Dare 34 series. I have not once played a game where the screen grew larger the more terrible at the game I was, definitely a unique spin to that part of Ludum Dare. Was a fun game overall, even if I am terrible at pressing buttons quickly.

If you'd like to check it out:

This game was one of my favorite that I played for Ludum Dare 34. Running around slicing things heads off with only two buttons was certainly a feat, and the adorable sword faces were icing on the cake.

You can watch my highlights here (Skip in the description if you'd like):

I played this for my Ludum Dare 34 series, and it was one of my favorites! I absolutely loved the mechanic of ripping my enemies apart with their own weapons.

If you'd like to check the video out (and hear my awful pronunciation of the name):

I played this game for my Ludum Dare 34 series. I gotta say that those mecha-bird-things really didn't like me, but certainly a fun game.

If you'd like to check it out:

I played this game in my Ludum Dare 34 series. It was fun smashing as many people as you could into the trains, all while racing the clock.

If you'd like to check it out:

Thanks! :)

This game was fun, and not your typical platformer. I enjoyed the ability to fall to the top of the map, certainly made you need to think a little.

This game made an appearance in my Ludum Dare 34 series, you can check out the episode here:

This game was fun, and certainly artistic. I did feel a little drunk while trying to control the crazy sensitive turning speed, but I loved the creativity about it.

I played this game as part of my Ludum Dare series, you can check out the episode it was in here:

This was certainly a fun little game to enjoy, made it all the way up to 11 presents.

I played this game as part of my Ludum Dare 34 series, check it the episode here:

I featured this game in Part 9 of my LD34 gaming marathon, check it out here:

I loved the visual and audio in this little puzzler. I'm also pretty bad at puzzles, but hey, still had fun!

I featured this in the 7th part of my LDJAM series, check it out here:

Ha, it's cool! I've already got something brewing for it, we'll see how it turns out.

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As the title suggests, I'd love to see your game, and I imagine others would too! I am currently going on a Ludum Dare gaming spree and pumping out as many of them as I can in as short amount of time with my 6 for 60 segments. I play your games and highlight 60 seconds of them on my channel:

Whoops! No longer accepting games to record for this Dare, but tune in next time around to submit more!

Now don't post about your games here, as there is actually already a section for that here:

However, if other Youtubers would like to chime in with their own contact information, feel free!

And I'll see you, in the Wasteland!

Such a quirky take on the two button control. Amazing graphics and an awesome musical track in the background.

I featured this game in my first video from the LDJAM, feel free to check it out:

This game was featured in my first LDJAM game video! Loved the twists on a pretty classic game, awesome job :)

Well, thing is... I can't make up your mind. I can suggest based on experience or based on my personal preference, but to say that you'll like any of them isn't possible. Considering that they're on your wishlist, I imagine that you already *do* want them, so should you buy them? Guess that's up to your accountant.

You had to come all the way down here to see if you wanted to play the game or not? Check it out! There's aliens, there's space ship parts, and there's aliens! Don't forget the aliens though.

Still not ready to commit? Watch me fail at it a few times:

While I am pretty much terrible at games like this, I love the creativity of the game. It'd be awesome to see more come from this, but it's still fun where it's at today!

Check it out for yourself, I am almost certain that you can do better than me:

I really love the idea of this game, even though I am not a big zombie game guy. I would love to see more of this when it's done, great job!

Here's a few of my playthroughs, really highlighting the use of stationary supplies as weapons, including the jam from the co-worker who is always eating toast:

I did have issues with the walls and the co-workers locking you in place, other than that, awesome concept and great music! :)

For me, this game is a lot of things. It's beautiful, it's talented, it's thought provoking. This isn't your normal platforming rage game, this game is relaxing, even in failure. The sound track is amazing, and it really adds a whole dimension to the world that's created in this game.

If you are still on the fence, let me show you just a little bit of it. It's an experience from start to finish:

I am not going to lie, when I first saw this game, I was very skeptical. It's pixels, it lacks any fine details or emotion. But then, something amazing happened. I got a few people together, and played a game.

It blew us away. With rockets.

Watch for yourself (Language Warning):

A simple game, that really delivers, awesome.

If you can dodge a rock, you can climb a mountain! This game was a blast, and even better to play with someone equally as bad at games like this. Definitely recommend people checking it out.

Want to watch me and my bro fail? Here it is! (Language Warning!):

On "Your Time" is just that. Your time is precious, and costly. Developing a game in your time, is still taking away from hours of you doing other things. If you're looking to keep track of development cost, your time is definitely one of the most important factors to count. If you want your game to be free, that's dandy, but when you're looking at it from a break even angle, how long did it take you to make the game, and how much time you plan on spending on the game after development should be measured.

You definitely were not lying when you said that the difficulty was going to ramp up. It went from easy mode to dead in hyper speed. I am really looking forward to seeing more of this game developed!

Also made a video of me failing miserably over and over again:

Supa Santa is coming! Your rooftop ornaments and chimneys will not stand a chance! Expect to lose power and water!

Don't believe me? I am not making this up:

This week, going to hunting for some indie Christmas/Holiday platformers that I'll be terrible at. Have a few on the list of ideas so far.

What is there not to like about this game? There are aliens. There are oversized balls. Their are aliens getting hit in the face with oversized balls. It really hits all the marks of a great game.

Watch some aliens get hit in the face with oversized balls while you're here:

Greetings, I'm not much of a developer, even though I know how to program in Java and C# (For the most part). I find the amount of work and effort that goes into an art like game design is just far beyond my scope. So instead, I find games that I enjoy playing. I also do the YouTube thing. I'm always looking for cool games to show off, so don't be afraid to suggest your game on Twitter or on my channel, or just hit me up to talk about anything! I'm open to meeting new peeps, and am pretty happy to see this forum appear, having just been wondering where it was not even a week ago.

See ya'll in the wasteland!

Or just move the report button to the far right of the header, inline with the name and time. Did the same thing about almost reporting, even after reading the comment.

No problem. :)

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ADMIN EDIT: You can now post images and video directly from the buttons in the toolbar of the text editor. More information

So, sharing this bit of information, as I feel that it's not very clear and I only found out by accident.

Say you have a YouTube video, and you post the link into your comment. Now that's great and all, but you want it to show up as a video, not as a link. Well, after you past that link, press enter.

Yep, it really is that simple. It will pop the embeded video in there for you and tada. You can do the same with image links.

See ya'll in the Wasteland!

(Example and shameless plug):

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