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The "help each other decide what game to buy" thread

A topic by tesselode created Dec 14, 2015 Views: 459 Replies: 5
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For anyone who's thinking, "hmmm, maybe I should buy a game?"

On my Steam wishlist:

  • Downwell - it looks fun! But I don't have much experience with roguelikes. I've played Risk of Rain a little bit(I think that's a roguelike?) but I didn't really get into it. Also, I have Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and I haven't played that much either. Downwell looks like it has more of a simple design, though, which I always like. Do you think I'll like it?
  • The Next Penelope - it looks cool
  • APT - has anyone played this? It looks fun, but first-person platformers immediately seem like they won't work well.


  • Raining Blobs - it looks really polished and juicy and good! I have a soft spot for puzzle games. But it's 8 dollars that's a lot of dollars.......

Should I buy any of these?


Well, thing is... I can't make up your mind. I can suggest based on experience or based on my personal preference, but to say that you'll like any of them isn't possible. Considering that they're on your wishlist, I imagine that you already *do* want them, so should you buy them? Guess that's up to your accountant.

But I need someone to make good decisions for me!


Lucky you, tesselode, your wishlist is under 5 games long.

I believe my wishlist is in excess of 100 games long, and i already own 100 games on steam. XP

Only game I really want to get this christmas though, is dungeon siege.

....and rainbow six seige. XP


Hmmm, unfortunately I've only played Downwell. I can say Downwell is really great! But if you didn't get into either Isaac or Risk of Rain, I find it a hard game to recommend. It is cheap though, so I'd definitely recommend just buying it anyway and giving it a shot. It's a lot simpler that both Isaac and Risk of Rain like you said, so you might enjoy it. It's also on mobile platforms if that makes any difference.


I'd heartily recommend downwell--its way more of a straight action game than a traditional roguelike. and its a verryy good action game.