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How to make your video/image appear when posting

A topic by Gamasauratron created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 2,160 Replies: 14
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ADMIN EDIT: You can now post images and video directly from the buttons in the toolbar of the text editor. More information

So, sharing this bit of information, as I feel that it's not very clear and I only found out by accident.

Say you have a YouTube video, and you post the link into your comment. Now that's great and all, but you want it to show up as a video, not as a link. Well, after you past that link, press enter.

Yep, it really is that simple. It will pop the embeded video in there for you and tada. You can do the same with image links.

See ya'll in the Wasteland!

(Example and shameless plug):


I saw Amos posting screenshots and I was wondering, thanks!

No problem. :)


And here I was, going to the HTML editing mode and writing <img src=''/> code like some kind of savage!

Admin (1 edit)

It's not the most intuitive, agreed :)

We might want to deploy and/or


Ah, I didn't mind. After years of web development, I kind of like that writing HTML can give my game pages a bit more edge over those who have to look for "Insert image" button.

Talking about intuitive, "reply" and "report" links could be a bit further away/more distinguishable. Almost accidentally reported your message :)

Yeah, I can see how they might be a little too close. Maybe it could be moved to the lower right instead? It still be visible, but there's no way it would be hit by accident over there.


Or just move the report button to the far right of the header, inline with the name and time. Did the same thing about almost reporting, even after reading the comment.

^ I'd vote for that

Maybe it's not good at telling you how to do it.

But once you've pressed enter afterwards, presumably to put a comment below it, wal-la!

It is otherwise fairly ingenious, to me anyway.


Thanks for the tip, I was totally embedding all my stuff via the HTML editor. This'll save a ton of time.

It would be nice to have a more user/media friendly system though.

Awesome, though this method doesn't seem to work when using a tablet/mobile based browser. Is there any place to file this issue or is it one that can't be fixed?


Sounds like they'll be implementing a better system soon. There's some discussion on it above

like this?

thanks for information!