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Yyes! \o/

I second this!

Looks pretty good! I love the style you chose. I'd add some sounds, even free ones, to the gameplay video, though, it'd make it more, well, alive. Anyway, looking good, keep it up! :D

#TeamLibGDX \o/

My toolkit is pretty much the same all these years:

  • LibGDX, IntelliJ IDEA for programming
  • Photoshop, Aseprite, PyxelEdit, MagicaVoxel, Wacom Bamboo for GFX
  • BFXR, REAPER w/ tons of VST for SFX
  • Tiled for levels (thought I used inkscape for level design once)
  • Bitbucket as VCS
  • LICEcap for GIFs
  • OBS for video recording and streaming

I saw a "unicode christmas tree" theme this time. :)

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Oooooh, I remember Tiny Swords! I was, like, "are you kidding me? this is a brilliant idea!". Glad it was a successful campaign! :)

Ooooooh, this is a great idea, it sounds amazing and it'd probably motivate me even more to make games to support charities, like Médecins Sans Frontières and Able Gamers. *o*

I'm still thinking it's much better when it's a mystery. I mean, there's at least one thing in me that's very interesting. :D

The master has arrived!

Will do!

Yeeeeah, community can be such a turn-off in all the MOBAs and FPSes, I was talking about it on Twitter few days ago. Noob-shaming is awful, elitism is awful. What I like in LoL is that, thank to RiotLyte, toxicity is waaaay lower and punishing than in other MOBAs. Tribunal and reports are not useless and even semi-automatic. It gives me hope. :)

I, personally, spent the whole year playing in Coop vs AI mode. It just became too boring, I now literally know how to trick bot into trap and such, it's more interesting to play against humans, because, well, it's unpredictable and hard.

But, yeah, I wish toxicity was lower though... :c

I like your concept and this genres fusion. I mean, my two favourite genres, roguelike and card games, collided in one. Amazing! :D

My favourite so far is No. :D

I'm actively playing League of Legends right now. Trying to catch up with pre-season changes aaaand learning how to play versus humans. :\

Heeeeey ^D^

Fun fact: I always wanted to add a character named Nathaniel to one of my games. :D

Yeaaaah, I remember your "I HATE HALLOWEEN" game. It was fun. :)

Nice Tumblr blog's title, btw. :D

Oh, these colours are amazing!

Yay for #TeamLibGDX! :D

Oh, sounds interesting, any screenshots?

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'sup, everyone. I'm 0x0961h, half mystery number, half quantum demon. I'm a programmer and a pixel disaster. I'm not a game developer, it's just my code sometimes twists in a playable form and decide that it's cool to be a game. I love game jams, it's, like, the only time in my life when I make games and they are good, finished and even polished. You might even heard about my jam games or even saw my cool purple avatar in Twitter where I spend, like, 90% of my spare time. c: