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Yeah, unremovable wires are problem. Sorry, glorious people, I was really short on time. :)

And thanks! :)

@Local Minimum, absolutely fair points, thanks for your feedback. :)

Automaticly opening was in plans, though I've lost great amount of time trying to set up reading level data from files in HTML5 and this feature was simply cut. Just like removing wires without replacing blocks...

Thanks again. :)

Such an interesing idea. It'd be great to see a "big" VR tycoon. :)

Oh. My. God. It's so-o-o gorgeous, the idea is brilliant! I like it!

Thank you all for your kind words. I'm very glad you found it interesting. :)

@BigRoyNL && @Kalonica, actually, this is my first game with interactive tutorial and not with some terrible "oh my god, are you really think, I'm going to read this? Are you expecting me to understand what I need to do after I read this" walls of text. I'm very happy that it's working well. :)

Sorry about the difficulty. One moment when I realised it's very hard, I even wanted to add YOU DIED screen. :D

@targames Hm... tried it in Firefox, everything works... Anything (like, error messages or smth else) in the developer's console?

Pure greatness. :)

Awesome! Love credit card part. :D

Great style!

I second local_minimum. What kind of magic is it? :\

I like it, really. Too slow-paced game as for me, and I'd prefer to see some sort of grid or guide lines, but it's fun anyway. :)

Great mechanic!

Great game. It'll be awesome if you make a big "non-candy-themed" game outta it. :)

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Yyes! \o/

I second this!

Looks pretty good! I love the style you chose. I'd add some sounds, even free ones, to the gameplay video, though, it'd make it more, well, alive. Anyway, looking good, keep it up! :D

#TeamLibGDX \o/

My toolkit is pretty much the same all these years:

  • LibGDX, IntelliJ IDEA for programming
  • Photoshop, Aseprite, PyxelEdit, MagicaVoxel, Wacom Bamboo for GFX
  • BFXR, REAPER w/ tons of VST for SFX
  • Tiled for levels (thought I used inkscape for level design once)
  • Bitbucket as VCS
  • LICEcap for GIFs
  • OBS for video recording and streaming

I saw a "unicode christmas tree" theme this time. :)

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Oooooh, I remember Tiny Swords! I was, like, "are you kidding me? this is a brilliant idea!". Glad it was a successful campaign! :)

Ooooooh, this is a great idea, it sounds amazing and it'd probably motivate me even more to make games to support charities, like Médecins Sans Frontières and Able Gamers. *o*

I'm still thinking it's much better when it's a mystery. I mean, there's at least one thing in me that's very interesting. :D

The master has arrived!

Will do!

Yeeeeah, community can be such a turn-off in all the MOBAs and FPSes, I was talking about it on Twitter few days ago. Noob-shaming is awful, elitism is awful. What I like in LoL is that, thank to RiotLyte, toxicity is waaaay lower and punishing than in other MOBAs. Tribunal and reports are not useless and even semi-automatic. It gives me hope. :)

I, personally, spent the whole year playing in Coop vs AI mode. It just became too boring, I now literally know how to trick bot into trap and such, it's more interesting to play against humans, because, well, it's unpredictable and hard.

But, yeah, I wish toxicity was lower though... :c

I like your concept and this genres fusion. I mean, my two favourite genres, roguelike and card games, collided in one. Amazing! :D

My favourite so far is No. :D

I'm actively playing League of Legends right now. Trying to catch up with pre-season changes aaaand learning how to play versus humans. :\

Heeeeey ^D^

Fun fact: I always wanted to add a character named Nathaniel to one of my games. :D

Yeaaaah, I remember your "I HATE HALLOWEEN" game. It was fun. :)

Nice Tumblr blog's title, btw. :D

Oh, these colours are amazing!

Yay for #TeamLibGDX! :D

Oh, sounds interesting, any screenshots?

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'sup, everyone. I'm 0x0961h, half mystery number, half quantum demon. I'm a programmer and a pixel disaster. I'm not a game developer, it's just my code sometimes twists in a playable form and decide that it's cool to be a game. I love game jams, it's, like, the only time in my life when I make games and they are good, finished and even polished. You might even heard about my jam games or even saw my cool purple avatar in Twitter where I spend, like, 90% of my spare time. c: