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Hardcore CyberPunk Puzzle Game
Submitted by 0x0961h — 12 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline

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FLOW BASED PROGRAMMING! This is great. Super job!

Check out Dayglow Empire.


Yeah, unremovable wires are problem. Sorry, glorious people, I was really short on time. :)

And thanks! :)

Good puzzle game. Didn't have any probs.


Cool puzzle game you made there. I only found it tough that you cannot remove wires after you created them.

Keep up the good work! :)


Great game!

You could have set the add wire mode by default. I have no idea how to remove wires without remove modules


@Local Minimum, absolutely fair points, thanks for your feedback. :)

Automaticly opening was in plans, though I've lost great amount of time trying to set up reading level data from files in HTML5 and this feature was simply cut. Just like removing wires without replacing blocks...

Thanks again. :)


Interestingly complex game. Visuals are really nice too. The one thing I though was a bit annoying was that I couldn't automatically go to next level upon completion of a level. Also, several instances it felt like there should have been redundant controls for left/right buttons and button clicking with mouse. I didn't figure out if there was a way to remove a connection without removing the unit (e.g. the plus-brick). And for future polish it one could see the connecting of the wires between the parts while making the connections it would be really cool.

In summary, nice game.


This was probably why I get a black screen:

Error: WebGL: Can't get a usable WebGL context


This could be a nice educational game.

well explained and executed!


Thank you all for your kind words. I'm very glad you found it interesting. :)

@BigRoyNL && @Kalonica, actually, this is my first game with interactive tutorial and not with some terrible "oh my god, are you really think, I'm going to read this? Are you expecting me to understand what I need to do after I read this" walls of text. I'm very happy that it's working well. :)

Sorry about the difficulty. One moment when I realised it's very hard, I even wanted to add YOU DIED screen. :D


The presentation is really sleek and the gameplay is clearly explained in the brief-but-effective tutorials. The aesthetic feels super cyberpunk-y and manages to distract you from the fact that you're doing maths.
Unfortunately, I too am not great with numbers, so found it hard to fully appreciate this game.


Much brainfuck. Cool concept, and cool implementation. Addictive also. Release it on mobile and get rich.


Super impressed by the work that went into this - it's really polished and the puzzles are great. I'm not mathematically inclined, so unfortunately I didn't get very far, but really excellent entry!


Wow, this is extremely polished. Good job!

The tutorials worked flawless. Once I was through it I knew exactly how to tackle the puzzles, very nice!

Outstanding. Polished as an actual commercial game. Congratulations!


@targames Hm... tried it in Firefox, everything works... Anything (like, error messages or smth else) in the developer's console?


Just get a black window (Windows/Firefox).