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I'm glad you like them!

Absolutely! great job, I should look into adapting fonts to Pico-8 too! :D

Thanks, this is awesome!! :D

Hi. They should work correctly in GMS, can you tell me more about that "incorrect width"? you can send me a screenshot on if you want.

Hi Erik! No, I didn't make a "real" font out of it: but here's a quick sketch of how it could look like!

done! 6 more planets added in v1.1

I'm glad you like my fonts! I'll try to draw more planets for this pack soon ^^

I'm glad you like them! 😊

Thanks! what is tres? a file format? 🤔

I'm glad you liked my tiny fonts ☺️

Thanks for letting me know! I took a note, I'll try to include them in my next extended fonts.

Hi, I use an online service to convert my ttf fonts in otf: maybe try

Thanks for letting me know! Probably, yeah - some images disappeared from my Dashboard as well.

NO: you can't share the assets with more than one developer. You can only use them in your projects!

Hi, I use an online service to convert my ttf fonts in otf, maybe there was an error with that.

could you please add ?

I'm glad you like my tiny fonts :3

Thanks!! I'll make more of them :D

thanks for your kind words! ☺️

update: done ^^

That's a good idea eheh, will do! 👍

Thanks for letting me know!! Fixed it in v1.1

nice! it looks fun, good music too 👍

Thanks, I appreciate it! ☺️

Thanks!! I use them at 24pt in Word… if I'm not wrong they should look crisp at multiples of 16px then 

thank you!! 

hi! I will if it they'll be well received

I've just released a pack of (non-monospace) extended fonts with cyrillic support!

thanks for your kind words ☺️

hi! they're roughly 32px high (head included)

heads and bodies are on separate spritesheets, with a max width / height of 25px each

side walking animation fixed in v1.2! 👍

Hi Kritter,

1) this is an excellent idea - I already wanted to give several "emotions" (expressions) to the characters, a base head / body would certainly be useful!

2) mmmh this was not the intended effect, I'll make sure to polish the animation / make it clearer in the next update

Thanks for your feedback! ☺️

I'm glad you like it! I plan to expand the set with more characters ☺️

good idea, I could add a "battle" mockup in a future update

Thanks! keep me posted 😉

I'm glad you found my fonts useful! I appreciate your kindness ☺️

Efforts… I would have to change the i/I - but it sounds doable! I took a note - please send me a DM on Twitter if you can, I'll keep you posted 👍

I'm glad you like them! I usually add accents and special characters to all my fonts eventually - but some of these could be too tiny to make it possible

I'll try! 

Thanks, you're very kind ☺️

thanks for your kind words! 🙇

I really appreciate it! Thanks

Congratulations my friend 💜