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Hi, outlines and shadows are only an effect. The font itself is 1 color only of course.

You can download a base character (and a zombie!) in the "DOWNLOAD DEMO" section if you want.

You're welcome! 💜


hey. Generally no, but I can add them on commission on specific fonts.

v1.1 - fixed the png in the premium zip file

Hi, I can't issue refunds directly but you can contact Itch support if you want! No problem.

Hi Lucas! Yeah, I got many requests for smaller fonts - I'll try to update some of these designs soon!

yeah, that'd be cool 👻

You're welcome! You can also try the free versions of all my premium fonts if you want:

Thanks! Check your messages on Patreon please, I'll send you a key there!

Hi! My "Itch Lover" patrons can redeem new fonts here on Itch every month. "Voice" was available in May - but if you decide to subscribe I'll make sure to send you a free key for it in addition to this month's fonts! 😉

I used custom pixelart cursors, maybe they're buggy with some browsers ^^;

Hi, all my new fonts have png spritesheets aligned on a grid and Construct 3 parameters included. Check "Match" if you want (a free version is available):

These old "Humble Fonts" collections needs to be updated.

Hopefully this won't be needed, but let me know if this tool explodes. 💥

Hello friends!

Use this topic to ask for new features: Horror fonts? More characters? A monospace option? Shadows and outlines in the PNG files?

I'm considering setting up a donation goal for each new feature request, so let me hear your feedback!

Hi Vatzu! I'm not familiar with Text Mesh Pro, so I'm not sure if I can help: apparently it takes a TTF font in input? In that case, you should set it at 12 or 24pt to have it look crisp - but that really depends on your OS settings. Send me more info on my email if you want: info [@] somepx [dot] com

Thank you! Let me know if you end up using it in a project.

Thank you!

Thanks, my kind duck friend <3

Thanks!! I appreciate it.

Thanks!! I appreciate it~💜

Hey! I don't know how to use RPG Maker MZ, so I'm afraid I can't help you. I have many free monospace fonts on my Patreon page though, maybe you could try with one of those!

Glad to hear that! Thanks.

yay, thanks for using my fonts!

05/05/2022 - free update to add all the features of the new Premium Series!

05/05/2022 - free update to add all the features of the new Premium Series!

05/05/2022 - free update to add all the features of the new Premium Series!

Thanks for using my fonts <3

Eheh yeah, the version of Marksman used in Inscryption is also available on

It's a default font of Itch pages, not sure how to get it honestly.

Maybe you're zooming in using the Windows Photo app or something like that: open the png files in your favorite editor (I just tried with GIMP) and you'll see that the letters are pixel-perfect, unless you're upscaling them at uneven resolutions.

To give you additional support I need more info (which software are you using? how are you trying to use the fonts?), you cand send me an email with screenshots / etc if you want.

Mmmmhh no, I checked and both png files are fine - so you must have another kind of issue. You can send an email to info[@]somepx[dot]com with more details if you want, I'll see if I can help.

oh, I only know GMS2 and Construct 2/3, so I can't help you with Unity unfortunately.

I found this guide with a quick search, I hope it can be useful:

That'd be cool! Atari maybe...

I'd love to help:



…Just kidding, these fonts are free to use in any project / game, go ahead and have fun! 👍

That's just an effect, it has to be implemented in your game engine of choice! (or you could add an outline to the png version if you're using Sprite Fonts)

Thanks for the suggestion