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Eeve Somepx

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Outstanding. Polished as an actual commercial game. Congratulations!

Very hard, but not impossible - just fair! Assets are just perfect! A little 'slowmo' or smalljump effect on swing would have made the game easier.

Excellent work, polished, perfect! Another great game, Chris! :D

Hey, mine too! Draw XD

A nice twist on the classic match3 gameplay!

Excellent choice of colors, very relaxing gameplay - another hit! :D

So sweet - and this is his first game too! Congrats! :D

I really enjoyed this game, excellent graphic. Could have been better with ammo and different weapons! ;)

An excellent puzzle, can't wait for a mobile version! *sweet*

Mastermind-like hacking action! A very polished entry :D

It's like playing the very first episode of Adventure Time! :D

Good job!

Thanks for the video! Do you have a Twitter account?

Nice! I'll implement all of them. 😊

Have you tried Hand, Bone, Jaw? ;)

Hi, I don't know Gamemaker personally, but I guess you can use them as every other .ttf font! A .png version is also included.


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Hey guys, Eeve Somepx here. There's a new version of Nice Dudes (a silly male model agency simulator) in the works, I'll post updates here if my brain will remind me to do so.

Let's kick off with a GIF, more info will follow soon!