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Can I level up, or just more and more red until I die?

Great character to the game.  Would be improved with ability to use mouse in the UI.

This was probably why I get a black screen:

Error: WebGL: Can't get a usable WebGL context

Would be nice not to die upon the first hit.

@Local Minimum: Great suggestions.  I was thinking of dropping the shapes around the numbers.  I originally made them to help with color-blindness, but then I dropped that, yet left in the shapes.

Also I think the equation templates, which I thought would help players in the first levels, actually confuse them.  I'll keep thinking how to improve them.

Once you make it past the first few (hard-coded) levels, the rest are procedural, and probably easier, at least for a while.  I'll have to figure out an even slower progression through the various skills (subtract, then multiply, then add/subtract, etc.).

I could score it by equation rather than level.  Up for consideration.

I only got background with CORE and theme music, no game.  :(

I can't type that fast.  Great references!

Had issues getting customers accepted.  Kept pressing Y but only had two customers accepted.

Needs some directions on how to play.

Once I pressed space, I just got a magenta screen and the music.  Nothing else.

Very very cool!  The sound design for leaving the tube was excellent feedback.

Intro in the home set the scene nicely.

Certainly a challenge.  Think Spider-man with poor reflexes.

I think with some values tweaking this could be quite fun.

Needs an instruction to use mouse to aim, LMB to shoot.

Too low a framerate on my lame gfx card.

No audio indication my energy was getting low.

Nice take on the theme!

Finally a game that doesn't kill me off in the first few seconds.  The triangular obstacles have a nice look.

Love the ideas and the writing.  Keep going with it!

No game, though.

/agree.  Also I like to hear myself shooting.

My videocard wasn't drawing those textures wih alpha.  :(

Evenso I had to work hard to die.

Ditto.  I found radar and non-radar views almost identical.  Wish I could have picked something up on my radar to see how it was supposed to help me.

Agree that tone was great.  Didn't understand how to find the android.  Pressing E always showed the same thing.

Hate getting shot at from enemies I can't see.

Very nice lights.

I need more hand holding.

It looks like pure luck to progress in this game.

Slow racing??  I wanna race quickly!

I found it very hard to jump from building to building.  Way too many gaps for me!

Excruciating controls.

Got too dark to see inside the office building.

Needs more feedback and progressive difficulty.  What is the player trying to do?

Very nice. I found all the particle effects to move very slowly.

I want to play again!

I'm still confused how to advance in the game.

It's hard to see the black obstacles against the black background.

Need a lo gfx version for slow computers.

Just get a black window (Windows/Firefox).

Didn't figure out how to build the code.