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I had the same issue as Prelucid Pictures when starting the game for the first time. It took so long I didn't expect it to work at all. Even just having visual feedback for the 'Run Program' button press could be enough to fix this.
The game itself felt a bit.. pointless to me. I never really felt under any threat, and only lost the game when I decided to stop playing. Some kind of sense of progression could make this game quite interesting.


Can I level up, or just more and more red until I die?


I think the interface is a bit confusing. Kept mashing the LMB killing all the red dots but don't know if it has more to it. Also, RMB don't work if you're not playing fullscreen so maybe some other keys will be more adapted.

Have a go at my entry if you have time


Enjoyable and polished. Although it did seem slightly redundant to use LMB to fire when the position of the mouse meant nothing; maybe that's just me.


Quite confusing indeed. I didn't even understand I was playing and how to orient myself. I think you need a HUD radar to show where attacks are approaching and right-clicking mouse really doesn't work with web-player.

This was pretty cool, I found it hard to figure out if i was moving in the beginning because every angle looked the same but once i figured it out t was quite fun!

Just thought you should know, the beginning is on the menu screen and you press like mad to run the game, but nothing happens for the longest time. But then it finally works. Less patient people might switch before even getting to try the game, thinking it's bugged. But I stuck in there and it was a pretty fun game.

Wasn't sure what was happening at first, but then I started scanning and shooting those red crystals and as I neglected them, I suppose exclamation shapes appeared indicating the system was compromised... ?

Nice work. Please leave instructions on the main page.