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We recommend playing with a controller, but on keyboard Player 1 can press Left Shift to build

Unfortunately I don't understand any Russian, but played anyway. I'm so glad I did. 

Not understanding any of the language in addition to the sombre music and unusual, unpredictable visuals made for a very eerie, dark experience. The 'game' sections seemed to play tricks on my eyes- it looked like it would be difficult, but somehow it wasn't. This gave me a strange feeling of mastery and satisfaction.
I think I completed the whole thing- after the monitors(?) there was some talking then it quit on its own.
Apart from having no certain idea of the narrative, my only issue was that the elevator(?) fell for a very long time, and I thought that was the end.
This is such a unique experience amongst all the other entries I've played so far that it's easily one of my favourites. I would love to play an English version.

Nice entry! It's very.. mysterious. I really liked the dark mood that the visual style and music creates.
I too had trouble with jumping. I understand what you've said here about a more 'realistic' jump, and I feel the same way actually, but I didn't feel in control. I think it might just need a bit more refinement. I found the section where you jump up a series of boxes quite frustrating, especially as it's possible to slip off a box and fall back down to the bottom (or maybe I'm just hopeless?).
The first time I fell just short of escaping for the second time, and was just going to leave it at that. But then curiosity got the better of me and I played it again and was able to finish the whole thing. I was expecting some kind of narrative punchline and was a tiny bit disappointed. Even still, I liked this entry very much.

A nice idea that feels pretty good to play. I especially like the pink enemy death effect and the drowning effect on the music when you die.
Some more variations or strategy in destory enemies could be nice. I spent most of the time standing on the platform, fanning bullets back and forth and that seemed be enough most of the time.

I had the same issue as Prelucid Pictures when starting the game for the first time. It took so long I didn't expect it to work at all. Even just having visual feedback for the 'Run Program' button press could be enough to fix this.
The game itself felt a bit.. pointless to me. I never really felt under any threat, and only lost the game when I decided to stop playing. Some kind of sense of progression could make this game quite interesting.

I think Local Minimum has summed it up nicely.
I was able to play to the end of the game, but only after reading your comment here that the correct way to go in the first level is to the right. I highly doubt I would have found it without knowing that. The other levels were okay, but I was expecting more exploration of the optical illusion kind of thing. It may just be me, but I find it hard to judge distance when an object is toon-shaded, so the platforming was frustrating.

I have a bit of a weak spot for songs that build as you interact with the level, and that was pretty well done. I also liked the animated static textures in the last level.

At first I tried using the arrow keys, but for me that scrolled the whole game page (using Chrome). Using ASD was fine though.
I too had trouble understanding to begin with. Once I got it, I found it interesting but very difficult. 
It looks great, all the visual effects suit the gameplay and the theme.  Nice choice of music too.

Great to hear, all the best :)

The controls feel really nice and smooth to me. The style is nice and it was a good idea to have the edge of the walls bright and colour-coded so you can see them from a distance and prepare (a bit confusing that you can sometimes see the colour inside the wall though). Even still, there are some sections where it feels like it's impossible to get past as you can't see it until it's too late - such as a few green shortly followed by red in a corner. I almost always missed the blue.
Could feel less punishing if the difficulty increased slowly as well as periods of rest after a difficult section.

Ha ha, first thing I did was fall off the back of the level, but that was my fault.
Nice, simple entry. I too wish there were more levels.
The music at the end felt rewarding.

wowowow it's so pretty! I don't think the thumbnail does it justice.
Incredible atmosphere. I just want more.

I found this entry to be a pretty frustrating experience, unfortunately. Being disorientated on its own is a bother, coupled with slippery controls its very agitating. The colour names were also bit confusing, like 'cyan' and 'blue' can easily be confused. On one play I was asked to find a 'red' memory, but only found a pink one, which could be mistaken for red, but was definitely pink when compared to the red area. Perhaps if the text was written in the colour you are searching for this wouldn't be such a problem.
The music wasn't helping to ease the experience and I ended up turning it off completely.
I did find two memories overall, but never found the place to take them.
I understand this is your first game and as such it's a really great effort. The narrative context for the game is great.

No one to play with, unfortunately.
Could really benefit from some music. The jump sound was annoying, mostly because you hear it so often. But the jump itself feels appropriately floaty.
The giant alligator this was super confusing at first.

That you can see yourself in the distance is interesting, and it would be cool to see how that works with more players.

Oh, I won. Certainly felt like luck. Perhaps with if the game had a more obvious objective it wouldn't feel so random.
I also eventually realised that the image on the pause screen is the level in wireframe. That's pretty cool.

Personally, I'm a bit off put by ads in a jam game.
The tutorial is fine, but once the game starts it seemed to jump in the deep end. A progression in difficulty could feel a lot more rewarding.

At first game over was a bit confusing, as it just jumped straight to pause. A slight delay and visual feedback could help the player understand the mistake they made.

Nice entry!
Apart from what other people commented on, I was a bit bothered by the security cameras. Rather than having to go to the pause menu to restart the level if the player has been spotted, it could be nice if the cameras reset to green after a few seconds if they can no longer see the character.
The game looks great. I especially like the occasional splash of a rain drop on the character and the level.

Great entry! The opening scene is so good, with the music really enhancing the atmosphere.
It could be interesting if the target was different every play and more emphasis was placed on the search - rather than being able to instantly spot the target moving through the crowd. Some stealth elements could be cool too.
The chase stage was a bit frustrating, but after I realized the target's movements were always the same I was finally able to catch them. That kind of felt like I had cheated though. 
Not a big deal, but sometimes after I hit restart there was still bodies from the massacre of the previous play.

I never really felt in control and was just guessing most of the time. Maybe it could benefit from a brief tutorial.
Also, there's some strange things going on with the 'press Y to restart' text, it wasn't clear to me if that was part of the aesthetic.
Great presentation and interesting game play. Nice touch having the guy at the computer animate when you press keys.

Nice. I love the simple visuals and think they're very appropriate to the cyberpunk theme. The ship breaking apart was a nice touch. And I also liked the description on the game page.
I didn't understand what all the numbers meant, or if I was meant to understand them.

The in-game text is cute :)

Unfortunately I find swipe input feels awful with a mouse. Could really benefit from some visual feedback when you swap the tiles - especially as trying an incorrect swap also gives no feedback.

The controls are twitchy, in an annoying way. Every time you press an arrow key, you had to press the opposite to straighten out again - maybe that's what you were going for, but it could feel smoother. Up and down was fine.
The track felt much too long, especially as neither the layout, visuals or music changed (except for the totally out of place dog bark about half way through -what). I didn't try endless for this reason. It could really benefit from a sense of progression by changing these things the further you get, or getting faster, as others have suggested. 

Nice concept and it was enjoyable but I found the game was a little bit too simple. I liked how the wall slide slowed the character down bringing a bit of strategy to the game. 
The game over screen and the end-of-run screen looked very similar, so making it to the bottom didn't feel very rewarding. 
Nice entry though, really suits the theme.

Eep, I kept accidentally clicking outside of the window because I'd naturally place the cross-hair somewhere near where I wanted the hook to attach (rather than direction) which is right near the edge of the window.
I admit I didn't get far, but I wish the level got a bit more exciting as it went along to create some sense of progression and achievement.
Great choice of music, I left it playing in the background for a while after.

There are some annoying collisions in there, as in some parts the ground looks flat because of the Toon Shader, but it's actually not.

Sometimes after I had jumped into the beacon I'd fall off the edge and it would still fade to black and play the death sound. That was confusing and you could only tell which it had registered when the screen faded back in.
It felt really good after collecting a few speed pickups, and the music is great and really suits.

At first I had no idea what was happening, until I gave up and pressed 'Help'. Perhaps the player should be forced to see that page before they start playing or it be written out in full in the text description below the game. Ideally, it would be nice to introduce the elements during gameplay in such a way that the player builds an understanding without having to read a text explanation at all.
The hacking might benefit if it was less keyboard mashing and more like hangman- punishing the player if the type a letter wrong, or rewarding them for getting it in few tries. 

Oh man, that character looks amazing! It feels really good to jump around and it's an interesting mechanic.
I think part of the issue in understanding the game is your choice of the word 'behind'. I interpreted that as above or to the side of robot and once there, was only attacking by clicking in the same position over and over. 'Through', 'past'  or even 'over' could be much clearer. That alone may help to explain it without a video.
Even after working that out and playing in easy mode many times, it was still quite difficult and I didn't get far once the robots started shooting.

Thank you all for your kind words :)

@Local Minimum, thanks! I was wondering if anyone would turn around and notice the character's shadow. I only really put it in there to satisfy myself, ha ha.

Like others, I also had difficulty playing this game. It did feel like luck most of the time and my best scores came from holding down an arrow key and hoping for the best. The down key didn't seem to help in any situation, and I kept expecting the up key to make the ship dive.

I really like the visual style- nice models, lighting, and choice of colours.

A bit tricky! The effect of going in the bomb shelter was nice.
The art style could have been a bit more cohesive, but it's kind of charming.

The layout was a little bit confusing and could be tightened up a bit.
Unfortunately I'm horrible at maths so I don't enjoy these types of games at all, especially with a timer.

Considerate of you to think of colour blindness when designing the game.

I like this entry. The music really enhances the unusual atmosphere.
I played it a few times, but unfortunately one of those times I hit a car and popped out of the tunnel, falling forever. It was kind of interesting though as I could see how you'd constructed the level.
A small thing, but using LMB to trigger the 'powerup' seemed like a strange choice. I think a key press, like spacebar, could feel nicer.

In case you aren't aware, there is a giant body floating in the sky outside the first building. It didn't look like it was meant to be there.

I didn't like how the player character's dialogue told you what was happening rather than letting you explore yourself, but there seemed to be less of that as the game progressed.
I really liked the visual style. The buildings and flying cars look amazing, and make it feel like a big city.

Visuals are great!
Really interesting idea to increase the difficulty by moving the player closer to the right side of the screen so that it's hard to see ahead. A nice change from simply increasing the speed, as is common in that genre.
I eventually discovered the double jump, but it might feel nicer to play if the jump was more dynamic- the length depending on how long you hold the key for. 

It's pretty frustrating. The 'things' are unpredictable and often unavoidable.
However, I did work out that you could hold the keys in a diagonal direction to completely avoid them all, but apart from hearing more of the song, nothing seems to change.

Woah, woah, I really like the visual style! The stripes and the bill-boarding - it's really interesting.
Is there any way to beat the rat? Or is that all the content? I'd like to see more.

Could maybe be improved if the difficulty increased the further you progressed, to create a sense of achievement besides the score.
I really like the title screen and menu.

The controls are a bit hard to get used to, and I didn't see any context in which I would use the arrow keys. I never managed to win.
The buildings look pretty good, but it was a bit hard to see the character sometimes (I played as the one dressed all in black).

Really nice interpretation of the theme.

Nice entry!
The character looks great, nice touch with the bandanna animation.
The movement controls feel pretty good but as other people have mentioned, it's bit strange to shoot with down. Perhaps, as your left hand is way over at 'Z', 'X' would be a better key for shoot. I really enjoyed spamming the key to shoot, but that would get tiring if the game was any longer (assuming reaching the top was the end).
Enemies seemed to hang around in really tight clumps, so often I could jump over a whole group at once. I guess this is only really a problem if the goal is to reach the top, rather than kill all the enemies.

Nice! A pretty solid story that is well written, clear, and establishes an engaging world. It kept me interested until the end (ending three).
The illustrations were beautiful, especially the title image, and really enhanced the experience.

Cyberpunk as a genre seems to work really well with Twine. I'm reluctant to define things in this way, but my biggest concern with this entry is that there is not enough interactions or 'branches' to move it from a 'story' where you simply turn the page, to a 'game' where the player has agency and can explore the story through the hyperlinks.

The visual style is really slick, I like it.
I found the frustrating thing about the controls was that I kept expecting up and down  keys to move the opposite to left and right - along the diagonal, if that makes sense. It's fun to play, but maybe it could be improved by starting the game off easier, allowing the player to become familiar with the controls, and then increasing the difficulty.