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A travel to the core of the cyborg's mind
Submitted by josefalanga — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline

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I actually ended up finding the orb, but it took 3 playthroughs and I couldn't find the center in time to do anything with it. :(


Great to hear, all the best :)


great suggestion on the colors Kalonica, the names used are the actual names, but I didn't see it wouldn't be so much intuitive. I tried to work hard on the controls, and the sensivity is low because higher levels caused motion sickness as hell. The music is a placeholder by now, I teamed up with some guys and we are making it a complete game, not just a draft like it is now. Thanks for all the feedback, please give us more :D


I found this entry to be a pretty frustrating experience, unfortunately. Being disorientated on its own is a bother, coupled with slippery controls its very agitating. The colour names were also bit confusing, like 'cyan' and 'blue' can easily be confused. On one play I was asked to find a 'red' memory, but only found a pink one, which could be mistaken for red, but was definitely pink when compared to the red area. Perhaps if the text was written in the colour you are searching for this wouldn't be such a problem.
The music wasn't helping to ease the experience and I ended up turning it off completely.
I did find two memories overall, but never found the place to take them.
I understand this is your first game and as such it's a really great effort. The narrative context for the game is great.

Mouse sensitivity seems low.


Like everyone else, I never found anything =(


Pretty cool atmosphere, smooth controls! But I also agree that cursor lock would be a very nice addition.

I enjoyed skating around the maze despite not really finding anything.


Nice atmosphere and the controls were great!

May be you should have lock the cursor to the play area for better fps experience.


Space takes your back to start but I think people would be expecting a jump. Really nice glow effect as I run about.

Nice idea but I never found what I was looking for.


The environment is nicely disorienting and it makes you wander around to search for something, but in my case I didn't find anything.


a magenta screen? just wtf to that, unity broke


Once I pressed space, I just got a magenta screen and the music.  Nothing else.

I like the music and the environment a lot, it all feels very alien. I couldn't find anything, but it was fun getting lost.