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Mech StrollerView game page

Walk and shoot robot action, HTML & PC
Submitted by carelesslabs (@carelesslabs) — 3 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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I think that this is a good game. First of all, I think that graphics are very good, and the robot's head rotation is awesome!!! Also, I love beat-em-ups. The variety of enemies its nice. May it needs some music, but this is a minor issue.


Felt really satisfying to control, and will do even more so when you've got vertical movement. I was pleasantly surprised when the chopper came in as the enemies were starting to feel dull. Wasn't much strategy to it apart from running backwards and forwards but hopefully more movement directions will allow for that.


Cool adaptation, i like it.


Nice shooter! I would've been cool to have some other defensive options though (i.e. to help dodge bullets etc). Good job though.


Really get a cyberpunk beat-em-up vibe from this! Music would be nice, but I really like where the game is headed.


Damn just read game ends at 20, after dying at 19  ><

Great art and looks like you have have a solid list of things you want to work on


@Locel Minimum: the mouse off screen is something that should have been done, good point. Ran out of time to add a proper game over animation.

@Prelucid Pictures: The off screen test should have been done, I did stop the player going more than a step off screen but there is no tests to ensure enemies stay on screen. Needs sorting out.

@The Mind Wright: Power ups and collectables would have been in place given a little more time, I was thinking some sort of shooting down of crates to get all sorts of new weapons/bullets, HP+ maybe even lives.

@Belstras: Extra bots would be very nice indeed, if people like this enough for me to remake it I would design new and unique robots.

Also I think this game needs

  1. Better wave balance
  2. lots more enemies
  3. levels
  4. bosses
  5. movement up, down, jump
  6. maybe some scrolling during waves
  7. Different guns
  8. Secondary weapon.

So many ideas!

During one of the waves I walked off screen and the game seemed to be unable to progress after killing off that wave so I had to stop there as I was stuck off screen. Not sure the bullets were very precise but maybe it would have been harder otherwise... Other than that, nice graphics and sounds.


I got to about wave 18 or so.

I loved how the mech turned its head after how I was aiming.

I would have liked a nice explosion when I failed but and if mouse-position direction could have showed at the edge of the screen when one was too far out (I started outside and it took me a little while until I realized that).

Helicopters couldn't kill me. Bikers with shotguns couldn't kill me. You throw enough punks with green hair in my way? That'll kill me.

I love how adorable the mech looks, and how satisfying it is to kill the little grunt guys. My only minor suggestion is to just reset the heat every wave. I found myself standing still between waves, and with no timer, there's no downside to resetting it.

I like the shoutout to pixel eyes too :P

Awesome job.

Cool game, love the look of the robot! I included it in part 15 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you have time to check it out :)


I like the backgrounds and the animations are very nice. Would be cool to see other mecha bots. Good job!


Very fun game! The animations on the robot are really spectacular, and gameplay is very addictive. Dodging enemy fire is a bit tricky with movement in 1 dimension, but gameplay is fast paced and challenging. Awesome work!


Wow really liked how you animated that robot. Gameplay runned smoothly and was fun. Wished there was some upgrades (faster heat cooldown, better shield, more powerful ammo)


And now I will have to play WALKER again :)


Thanks BigRoy, I have just added a new .Jar file to download which has better waves of attacks. Its very much nerfed now but I would like people to see how the game play is rather than get destroyed in a moment!

I think I need to add up and down movement and better enemy AI as you say, right mouse button could have some use and yes wreckages could take damage, I like that idea too.


Awesome game. I had a blast nailing down waves of enemies.

The first waves give you the feeling that you're in control, but once you are around Wave 10 then you feel you're in a rampage where I just felt I was dieing slowly without a tactical way to survive. I basically kept moving away from the enemies to be out of their range and let the overheating go down. (Not sure if I played the updated version as it didn't seem like my shield was restoring after a wave, but I did just download it)

It would be nice if you could also move up and down and/or have the possibility to shield yourself behind the wreckage of a chopper or a bike. And maybe have a block here and there that allow you to think tactically instead of only trying to stay out of range from the enemies.


Added new wave structure, game ends after 20 waves, also HP boosts between rounds and overheat limit gets increased.

A small imrpovement but makes the game more enjoyable. 

BOSS coming soon!


Awesome entry! Made it to wave 11, I think - man, that ramped up in a hurry! Ran smooth for me though, even with that many guys on screen (ran the browser version). Some 80s synth rock would've been nice ;)


I ran out of time to really work on the waves, this does need sorting out.

Also will add power ups between rounds.

Very much a prototype and my first go at pixel art so that took most my time. Thanks for the votes and feedback!

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