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Ya, in hindsight that makes a lot of sense and anything passed that was a fault of ours.

And I'm glad you liked the intro! We figure the more people get to know us, the more likely they'll trust us on choosing a game.

Veeeery interesting and unique visuals. It's like if Omikron fell into a vat of acid then was filtered through a kaleidoscope. 

We had a couple issues with the controls tabbing out of the game, but it was otherwise a really cool and trippy experience.

(I say "First" because the game isn't linear, and you can play any scenario as it unlocks.)

Heliophobia popped up right in the middle of our month of scary games series.

It was the aesthetics that grabbed me, but the intriguing mystery and narrative flow kept me in. At first blush it looks like another first-person horror experience, but once the game really opens up you can see that it has a lot of unique components to it.

My only complaint is that we were dumb and didn't realize "Encore" meant to start a level over.


Helicopters couldn't kill me. Bikers with shotguns couldn't kill me. You throw enough punks with green hair in my way? That'll kill me.

I love how adorable the mech looks, and how satisfying it is to kill the little grunt guys. My only minor suggestion is to just reset the heat every wave. I found myself standing still between waves, and with no timer, there's no downside to resetting it.

I like the shoutout to pixel eyes too :P

Awesome job.

It took me a few tries to get into it. The first few levels are actually a lot harder than when you get more colors. I mostly brute forced the puzzles until I got to the later levels. Then it started feeling like a resource management puzzle game, which worked out really nicely.

After I got the hang of it, the actual game is really addictive. Let's see if someone can beat 22. :)

Love the music and the mood of the game.

I think my gun might have locked up a couple times. It actually got me killed.

Great job.

Oh man, I did all the prep work, and I skimped on the security access level. The door guard stopped me in my tracks.

I'll have to play it again now that it's on my phone.