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Wow impressive amount of content here :) Good idea to have a mix of action and puzzle. Good job! Nice graphics too.

Was pleasant to visit your little universe. We need gameplay now!!

"grab that fucker and get your databad back" I like games with clear and easy to understand objectives :)

Yeah fight the Corp!

Wished I had someone else to play. Self beating is silly.

Wow really liked how you animated that robot. Gameplay runned smoothly and was fun. Wished there was some upgrades (faster heat cooldown, better shield, more powerful ammo)

Don't agree with previous comment. The game as an very nice atmosphere/graphics. But unfortunately the controls were very bad for me :(

Haha this was fun. Simple. But fun :)

What an amazing look and feel! Puzzling at first but fine once used to it. Reminded me a bit of Marble Madness.

Nice. Kind of similar to Flappy bird although completly different :)

Very nice graphics. Felt like I was inside the theme picture. Good job :)

Nice take on the theme image. Really felt I was a window cleaner :)