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Cybermunda TacticsView game page

Cyberpunk'd Turn-based Tactical Strategy
Submitted by ian (@ian_snyder) — 23 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline

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Hey everyone, please check out the post compo version HERE!

@Criogenio: Thanks, that really means a lot to me! :)


Man this game is really cool! The camera and the level designer all is really posh and fun


Great feedback, Pixtopher. I'll definitely do the simplified movement and will play with the camera stuff, as well :)

Turn based squad combat with munda on the end of the title... Must be a Necromunda homage ;)

I think this is the basis for a really nice game. However the zoom was a little fiddly which wouldnt have been a problem if it did not default the distance back with each new turn. I found myself wanting the camera about 2-3 times further away, for a tactics game anyway.

Moving each player twice is a little repetitive, there is already enough team members to manage. I would suggest a move range outline in purple and then blue for example to show a 1AP or 2AP move in a single click.

Anyway these gripes are probably beyond the scope of the jam. Well done on even getting a turn based tactics game running! Well done!


Zarkonnen: Thanks for the feedback, realizing I really should've made the controls simpler so I'll be uploading an updated version soon, will let everyone know :)

@carelesslabs: Thanks! :)


Great entry!


This is cool, but could you possibly put in some way to pan without having to have a middle mouse button, which my laptop lacks?


Thanks for all the comments, everyone! For picking up the Intel, you have to get on it, then use the various "hacking" options that come up for that unit to unlock it, then you can escape with it. Hopefully I can do an update at some point with some simple AI, or you can get friends to play with you!! :P


Yeah fight the Corp!

Wished I had someone else to play. Self beating is silly.


Intense music!

I was able to navigate on of the corporation people to the the chip position but they never picked up the chip?

Also, it would be easier if I were able to select the guy I want to move or do some other action and the 'End Turn' will signify the end of my entire turn and not just the end of turn for one member in the corporation/punks.

It appears to me that the chip was somewhat closer to the corporations than the punks. Is that the case?


I had way too much fun playing against myself.


Main screen loads and animates, cannot start game


pretty sweet man. kickin' music


great entry!


Local two player without split screen? The future is indeed now! Great music, interesting gameplay similar to X-Com and other turn based combat games. An excellent addition to the Cyberpunk game jam!