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You can also just right-click on the image and save it to your computer. The image is all there is to the game.


You can use the diamond ring with Lexandra the telekinetic to get her alone without having sex with her. And it's who who gets blackmailed, by Zalgomma the magnificent.

Miraculous! :P

Oh, this is really fun. It's like an autoshooter but without the shooting.



Uh add what?

Yes, I make no intellectual property claims on the planets generated.

GOG is still recovering from a server outage, so the DLC isn't available there yet, but it will be. I've now also just updated the GOG version to the latest version.

You can totally buy the DLC on itch and manually install it into your GOG Airships install by putting the "heroes" folder into the GOG Airships install folder.

So the problem is that the game files have resource forks, which I think would get destroyed if I compressed it with eg ZIP. Do you know a way around this? I can decompress it safely on a Mac running OS 9, but how do I recompress it intact?

I'm afraid not, as decided as a policy that the bundle does not include Steam keys.

Yes. You might need a few tries, but you can definitely win!

There is at least one good ending.

The game doesn't actually require Steam to be installed. If you download it via Steam and then just move the installed files somewhere else, it will work fine.

If you bought it outside a bundle, purchase should come with a steam key.


It's an indication of how much industrial production and scientific research a colony on the planet would produce. The baseline value is 3.

Ack, yes, I pressed the wrong button! Sorry for not catching this earlier.

Latest version should be up later today, apologies for the delay - I kept on having to rapidly patch the game and didn't get around to putting it up everywhere!


There's a download image button in the generator.

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Niiice! What did you use to get that score?

Uh the turn limit is kind of the point of the game.

Yes. Also, random British spelling. :)

Adorable! And really well-polished.

Cool! I love the picture in the death screen.

Thanks! Version 1.0.2 should fix this.


If you pop up the developer console (ctrl-shift-J probably) there should be an error report. Send that to me and I should be able to fix the problem. :)

Yes, you can get to "full understanding" if you make sure to investigate and think about everything very thoroughly.

There's only a web version, so I'm not sure what the app is trying to do there!

Shouldn't need anything. What browser are you using?

It's really cool, but I really with there were tooltips on what the towers do so I didn't have to memorise it.

This is *really good*. It's a really nice puzzle game, with a feeling of rising tension even without any sound effects and so on.

The graphics are very cute, and those are some voracious flies.

To make the level, I spent a lot of time going through this cycle in the editor:

  • Duplicate a quad (a rectangular texture area)
  • Set quad texture to unique
  • Replace quad texture image
  • Change quad size to fit image size
  • Position quad awkwardly

Most of those steps could be eliminated.

Thank you! It was quite time-consuming to arrange all the textures in space, but I think with more practice or specialized tools it would be a lot faster.

Higher Education Missiles


Just checked again and the links are definitely correct. This may be a bug with