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Yes, you can get to "full understanding" if you make sure to investigate and think about everything very thoroughly.

There's only a web version, so I'm not sure what the app is trying to do there!

Shouldn't need anything. What browser are you using?

It's really cool, but I really with there were tooltips on what the towers do so I didn't have to memorise it.

This is *really good*. It's a really nice puzzle game, with a feeling of rising tension even without any sound effects and so on.

The graphics are very cute, and those are some voracious flies.

To make the level, I spent a lot of time going through this cycle in the editor:

  • Duplicate a quad (a rectangular texture area)
  • Set quad texture to unique
  • Replace quad texture image
  • Change quad size to fit image size
  • Position quad awkwardly

Most of those steps could be eliminated.

Thank you! It was quite time-consuming to arrange all the textures in space, but I think with more practice or specialized tools it would be a lot faster.

Higher Education Missiles


Just checked again and the links are definitely correct. This may be a bug with

Note there is currently also a glitch where you can get through walls and other obstacles if you hit them at the right point. You can totally win the game without exploiting it, though! Patch soon.

Can you tell me how to reproduce this glitch?

Of course you can use them!

Just checked and they seem to work for me. Can you give it another try?

Ah, I'm just editing the links rather than re-creating the entries, so I guess it's not updating the date. 1.0.18 is the up to date version and came out five days ago.

I've been able to reproduce this problem using Avast and have reported it to them.

That's pretty weird. Have a look at HOME/Application Data/AirshipsGame/saves to see if the files are still there?

If you encounter this bug, please send me a save file of this happening to

I've started encouraging modders to put up their mods here:

I will look into that. Thanks for the heads-up.

Is this the built-in antivirus in Windows or some other product? I will have a look.

Should be fixed now.

Should be fixed now.

OK, this should now be fixed in version :)

Sorry, this is probably a digital signing issue. It's not actually damaged, the OS is just being difficult. I'll look into this ASAP.

I'd be honoured to add to the bundle if it's still open for submissions.

Oh, and I have a test version that produces the rectangular map too, but the map looks awful. You can really tell it's perlin noise in a way that's hidden by when it's a rotating sphere.

Indeed, the author sent me the code and now it's also up here. :)

Noted. Perfectly possible, as the requirements and the consuming are handled separately.

Yeah uh we didn't balance test it very much. We're working on a postjam version that's actually winnable.

Uh maybe, I'd have to dig back into the code and figure out how.

Sure, go for it. Put a link back to this page somewhere, if that works?

Don't worry, it's winnable.

Absolutely, I'd be honoured!

It seems to be using a Very Clever Javascript Thing that may be messing up for you. Try this direct link.

Thanks! I have some vague ideas of where to take it, but I want to be careful not to break the mood that's there right now.

This is cool, but could you possibly put in some way to pan without having to have a middle mouse button, which my laptop lacks?

Hee, reminds me of this XKCD what-if.