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Very cool, I really love the music :D

Hey everyone, please check out the post compo version HERE!

@Criogenio: Thanks, that really means a lot to me! :)

Great feedback, Pixtopher. I'll definitely do the simplified movement and will play with the camera stuff, as well :)

I like this a lot but I just feel like you should have 10-15 seconds instead of 5 or whatever. I'd really like to get up a nice sense of speed, instead it feels like you're always crawling around, which was unfortunate to me. Some minor tweaks could make this VERY interesting.

Fun game, didn't feel as responsive with the melee as I'd hoped. I tried driving through one of the weapon change vehicles once I'd been playing for a few minutes and it killed me inexplicably :P

Don't have anything new to add; it's really well-done with some annoyances but I played through the whole thing and really enjoyed it! :) Looking forward to the conclusion ;)

I like the idea of shooting at their legs to slow them down, interesting idea :)

- @ian_snyder

Wow, I'm really impressed. READ THE README!!! :P Definitely has a lot of hiccups in it as far as playability, but it's really great for the amount of time, and the feeling of breaking in for cyberhacking is pretty spot-on.

Really cool, I was really enjoying it once I got the hang of the combat :) Unfortunately I hit a bug where I was attacking an Ugly Rat, and it seemed like it died from my counter-attack and it just got stuck there with no options out. Really cool anyway, I'll definitely follow development if you keep working on this :)

Zarkonnen: Thanks for the feedback, realizing I really should've made the controls simpler so I'll be uploading an updated version soon, will let everyone know :)

@carelesslabs: Thanks! :)

Yesss this was incredible! Make this into a full game when you're finished with your current game >:D

- @ian_snyder

Great vibe and it DOES run well on my crappy laptop ;) The gameplay felt like I understood what I needed to do, but there wasn't much feedback about if what I was doing was helping or not.

Fun puzzler :)

Really nice animations, funny intro and conclusion :)

First game I played here that just had me grinning like a fool :D So great, I really love the whole execution. Like VR Tycoon says, it's a great way to integrate the typing element in a fun way. Full marks from me :D

Beautiful artwork, nice music and feels very cohesive. I didn't do well and gave up after two tries, though :P Didn't really feel cyberpunk to me, more minimalist.

I really like what's there, but I reached the end which is just an endless loop, maybe fitting for cyberpunk :P The art style works well for the story.

I understand the pain of trying to get music working well with Twine, that's why if I do another Twine game, it'll be read in through Unity :P

Honestly I just didn't know what was going on at all :( I really like the atmosphere and the intro, though :)

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! For picking up the Intel, you have to get on it, then use the various "hacking" options that come up for that unit to unlock it, then you can escape with it. Hopefully I can do an update at some point with some simple AI, or you can get friends to play with you!! :P

Yeah, this is just amazing :P Really makes you feel like you're in Blade Runner. I was just sad that when I finally got the android it is just like "press R to restart" would've been nice to at least say "Good job, Decker" or something ;) Great idea and execution, looking forward to more.

I enjoyed it, really interesting premise and great style, but the gameplay was unclear, even after reading the text on the game's page. When I was actually playing, I just kept shooting people and falling, and eventually I maybe won? I love the art style though, and the idea is interesting.

Hard to rate, because everything about it is gorgeous, but then the objectives are really unclear. I was unable to find a weapon, and then you get shot immediately. I think if you're supposed to explore around for the weapon first, we shouldn't be shot at until after you've picked up the weapon.

Just a shame because the style, feel, sound and everything are incredible, wish some more time had been put into making the gameplay something. Definitely would be interested in an update!

Wow I really liked this, simple but addictive and the atmosphere fits it in with the theme nicely. Really cool! :) 

- @ian_snyder

Pretty fun, the number of enemies goes from too easy to too difficult too sharply, though. The art is nice, and the sound of the minigun is great :)

I really loved this, great job! Full marks from me :)

Fun little game, nice job :) I liked it but it didn't connect well to the theme image for me.

Wow, super cool! I love the art style and the feel is really different. 

- AESTHETICS : How do the visuals, sound, music, and/or text add to the game's enjoyment? 5 stars? :P Really cool, feels cyberpunk for me anyway.

- RELEVANCE : Did the game feel as though it was inspired by the theme image? Yes! It's inspiration, I don't think that means it needs to be an obvious, overt inspiration.

- POLISH : Is the gameplay easy to understand and control? Not really, but pretty cool and feels experimental in a good way. Tribes-ish :)

- SYNERGY : Was the developer able to bring together all of the elements of an enjoyable and memorable interactive experience? I rate it "Pretty Gnarly!"