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Cyberpunk Bartender Action
Submitted by SUKEBAN GAMES with 1 day, 44 minutes before the deadline

Play waifu abuse

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It's amazing, like a waifu bartending stimulator but with a nice artstyle and storyline.

It's amazing, the pixel art is wonderful, the music and even the characters. My favorite characters (so far) are Dorothy and Fore. And it's amazing how many times you manage to connect with the characters and some of their stories.

10/10 I would play it again.


Enjoyed this a lot, it's gone in my "favourites from the jam" collection. I'm not really used to this sort of game, and I don't know how much it fit the theme, but I felt more like I was being involved in a "cyberpunk" world than with a lot of the more shooty/jumpy entries I've played. Remembering the combos was a bit frustrating, and in retrospect I should've used a pad. If you want to make it feel a bit more "gamey" you could incorporate a cocktail recipe book somewhere, and have a countdown after people order; serve it quicker and get a bigger tip; or something like that. Really well written from a dialogue perspective.


Interesting and unusual idea, nice music & art. But unfortunately the game aspect failed to appeal to me. It could work as a type of mini-game in another game, but for me it did not really stand on its own.


Loved the graphics and the concept, even if the theme of the contest was not in there...

Turns out, I suck at making drinks! I included it in part 10 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)


@Spotco Hey! you can save and load, just press the ESC key or the mouse right button and the save/load menĂº will come up. And thanks everyone for the feedback, we are looking forward to expand this game into something bigger very soon.


A really great world-building, I could easily imagine this as a full game (and a fan of the anime-style artwork too).

My only gripe is the actual bartending itself, it's not very fun to have to redo the whole game if you mess up some who knows what 1/3rds part Adelhyde to twice the amount of Karmotryne recipie. If there were save states, I'd definitely be using them here!


Overall it was quite enjoyable. The mood and atmosphere were spot on, and the dialogue was great! Here are a few things that I think could make it even better:

  • Song changes were a bit abrupt & distracting. Would be great to hear a sound clip of a jukebox switching records for each transition.
  • I had trouble remembering some of the drink orders toward the end of the game. I wonder if there's a more interesting game mechanic that could be used for serving up drinks that memory game? Perhaps you have to serve multiple customers at once within a given time?
  • Would be great to see the NPC characters interact with each other occasionally (though it's possible this happens and I just didn't get to the proper narrative line).

Again, great job!


I really loved this, great job! Full marks from me :)