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I absolutely love this mechanic! It's the best of both worlds, with the fun sandbox-jumping-through windows of "Gunpoint" and the "Type this world really fast" kind of gameplay you often see in gamejams like this. Brilliant fusion of the two!

Kinda like Zelda where exploration has been replaced with memorization and doing things has been replaced with dying.

First thought that came to my head.

Liked the storytelling and the idea, though I had some trouble getting used to controlling two sides at once. Maybe if there were two of me?

Great graphics (love those shader effects) and the enemy AI is surprisingly smart (or am I surprisingly dumb?)

Love the aesthetics (lo-fi, retro, everything fits!) and interesting game concept.

Really wish you didn't have to start from so far back every time you "got caught", though!

A really great world-building, I could easily imagine this as a full game (and a fan of the anime-style artwork too).

My only gripe is the actual bartending itself, it's not very fun to have to redo the whole game if you mess up some who knows what 1/3rds part Adelhyde to twice the amount of Karmotryne recipie. If there were save states, I'd definitely be using them here!

Loved it! Got to the 2nd wave after an hour or so of playing (and calling it quits...I'll be back!)

Feels a little like the difficulty curve ramps up too much before you get the handgun, and it's frustratingly difficult at times but that makes it all the more addicting.

Great graphics and music, though controls were a little frustrating at first (until I got eventually used to them).

Interesting game, though I wonder what programming language this was inspired off of?

Love the atmosphere and the music.

Really wanted to be able to move mid-air (to chain together pipe-grinds) though!

A little hard to see what was going on (since the colors were so spastic), but an interesting art style. Would love to see some more content!



Great twist on an old concept (and hate to say this but way to hard :\ )