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This is really cool, I can see it as a full-fledged dungeon crawler in the future.

ARRRGH this is so good, nice and simple arcade with amazing visuals and catchy music, this is very, very good.

@Spotco Hey! you can save and load, just press the ESC key or the mouse right button and the save/load menú will come up. And thanks everyone for the feedback, we are looking forward to expand this game into something bigger very soon.

Nice, I like challenge based games, doesn't seem too relevant to the theme but good overall.

Incredibly fun and the story on the background was a huge plus, also relevant to theme image, which is a rare thing in this Jam.

Fun and simple game, has relevance to the theme image and it looks very good, can't ask for more!

It was really difficult at first because it's hard to tell depth and that stuff but once I got the handle of it I couldn't stop playing. It's just a matter of playing it for a few minutes until you understand the movement.

Very fun and addicting!

This is the best I've played so far, incredible how such simple concepts as a "job simulator" can get so easily engrossing by just changing the setting. It doesn't have too much relation to the theme image but what the hell, 80% of the games including mine did not follow that rule, and the pixel art made everything look so good, I hope ths becomes a full game soon with more variations and stuff.

This is too good! I loved the aesthetics, it really feels like a Cyberpunk city, the only thing that annoyed me was the people, way too many! and that blond man was way too fast. Still very awesome.